Wednesday, November 19, 2014

#Bestseller #KidLit #Books at #Amazon!

Check out Amazon Bestselling Author, Wolfgang Pie's newest release! Available in ebook and Paperback!

Hunting for Fireflies is an Epic High Adventure Fantasy for Kids ages 8 to 12!

An accident sends Tyrian and his sister, Orionna, plummeting into rapid creek waters. Loolie, a fairy princess, risks a hundred-year life to rescue the girl. The boy witnesses Loolie's sacrifice and the two become friends. As time passes, his love for the fairy grows, but his sister doesn't know about the woodland fairies and laughs at her brother's fascination with mythical creatures. When Tyrian introduces Orionna to Loolie, something goes dreadfully wrong. To save the children's lives, Loolie turns the children into fairies. Can the children survive in a miniature world where danger lurks behind every blade of grass? Will their very own parents swat them like bugs?


Tusk is an Ice Age Adventure for Kids ages 8 to 12! Available in ebook, audio book and Paperback!

Two Ice Age kids are orphaned and left to survive alone in the wild after their parents are killed in a bear attack. Tusk and his sister, Flint, discover ancient cave paintings with a horrific warning and instructions on how to survive a deadly meteor headed their way. Tusk is a natural born leader and believes only he can warn others and lead the clans to the land bridge and the New World. Flint has secrets of her own and a plan with a woolly mammoth to unite the animal kingdom before their world is blown away.


Monday, October 13, 2014

#Hot #New #CoverArtist!!! #Kindle #KDP #IndieAuthors #IARTG

As an indie author, I'm always excited to find that new rock star cover artist!

Presenting...Cover Art by Skhye Moncrief! BTW, she is also a really fantastic writer! Love her books! She knows how to make that cover growl, purr or simply make us sigh!

Check out her blog HERE.

Friend her at Facebook HERE.

And here is only a tiny sample of the stunning covers she creates! Enjoy!

Do yourself a favor and hire her for your next Bestseller!

Happy Reading and Writing! ~ Alisha Paige

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Great #Antibully #Book for #Kids! #kidlit #bully

I was so thrilled to hear about this fantastic anti-bully book for children! The Horse Who Looked Different, written and illustrated by Stacy Einfalt is a must-have for your home library!

Book Description: The Brown family instantly fell in love with and welcomed Starlit, a spotted Appaloosa horse, to their farm. The family's three chestnut Quarter horses, Max, Milo, and Monty, weren't as easily willing to accept him because he looked different from them. Until one day when the four horses went on a wild adventure and got lost. They soon begin to realize Starlit's unique qualities aren't so bad after all.

Get your copy HERE!

Visit the book's Facebook page HERE!

Do you want to see a video of the author reading the book? Go HERE!

Monday, September 15, 2014

A #Vampire #Novel for #99cents on the #Kindle #Countdown for #Halloween

Squeeeeeeeeee! I can't wait to read this book! Hurry! There isn't much time to snag this creepy vampire novel for .99! I love to read Michael Andrews!

Click HERE to go directly to the buy link for your Kindle!

Here's the blurb: When Detective Harry Shepherd stops a young teenager throwing himself from the end of Blackpool pier, he has little idea that the world around him would change forever. As the boy scampers away, he vows to discover why the lad was so willing to die.

However, Alex Hayden is no ordinary teenager, but one with an insight into the multiple murders that are occurring within the town. Sensing a loss within the soul of Detective Shepherd, he becomes embroiled in the search to stop the killer at the risk of exposing his own secret.

As the worlds of mortals and the paranormal collide, Alex and Harry battle to stop the vampire pack from achieving their goal of forming an army that would rip apart the fragile balance between the two worlds.

Under A Blood Moon is the first book in the Alex Hayden Chronicles.

Click HERE to listen to the author read a creepy excerpt on BOOK CLUB RADIO!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Who wants to join a fun Street Team? #Books #Prizes #Romance #PlottingPrincesses

The Plotting Princesses are recruiting more Street Team Members! Want to join in the fun? We have four virtual Facebook parties each year and give away tons of books and prizes!

For joining the Court you get a cute t-shirt like this!

For girls!

For guys!

Here's the rules if you want to become a member of the Court:

1) The Court shares Facebook posts we post about our authors and their books in the SECRET FACEBOOK GROUP.
2) Review 3 Princess Books each year. (Please talk to me if this seems like too many or you don't have time. We have some authors who write short stories and novellas that can be read in a very short time, even an hour.)

For Joining THE COURT, you get:

1) Free ebooks, print books and swag from all 8 authors on the Plotting Princesses Marketing Team! Our authors are Alisha Paige aka Ruby Vines and Wolfgang Pie, Vicki Batman, Michelle Miles, Sylvia McDaniel, Linda Steinberg, Karilyn Bently, Pamela Stone and Kathy Ivan.
2) A "MEMBER OF THE COURT" t-shirt.
3) We have 4 virtual parties every year, in winter, spring, summer and fall where we give out lots of books and more swag! This is a fun way for us to get to know all of you and hang with our amazing COURT!

Hurry! Our Farewell to Summer Street Team Party is Thursday, August 29th! Join in the fun! Leave a comment with your email address if you want to join or email me at!