Thursday, March 22, 2007

Canyon Wolf Bride

Hello Everyone! I'm so excited about my first sell! I think I called and emailed half the world. It's funny to think about it now, but some of the people I contacted didn't even know I write, like the other mothers who do the car pool with me! Boy, were they surprised!

I've spent half the day doing my regular freelance work, writing articles for magazines and newspapers and trying to force myself to not stare at my author page another second! I know all you writers out there understand. It's so, so wonderful to finally say that all the hard work has paid off.

Ten years ago I wrote my first manuscript, a romantic suspense that continues to furl at the edges and gather more dust. Back then I was a single mom after going through a divorce, so my writing toook the back burner to work.....blech! I've worked as a secretary, receptionist and physician's assistant and let me tell you......I love, love, love going to work now.....waking up, making my morning coffee, dropping my older daughter off at school, coming back home to write while my toddler watches Sponge Bob and happily licks the butter off her toast. Sighhhhhhhhh. No more traffic, no more irritating bosses with impossible demands....."Oh, you need this proposal by when?" Ugh! And don't think I didn't email a few of my old places of employment about my first sell either....snicker! But, they were all happy for me and knew it has been a dream of mine for so long.

After the birth of my second daughter, I took some time off to stay home for at least the first couple of years. I knew I had another shot. I DID NOT want to go back to an office environment. I don't care if I get health benefits or not. My husband bought me a computer and said, "Here, write." Whenever I began to lose confidence in my writing, I'd remind myself of where I'd be in two years if I didn't keep writing.....back in that damn office with demands like this, "Honey, can you fetch me a cup of coffee?" EEK!!! My fingers would start flying. Within two years, I wrote four more manuscripts and a screenplay. I also grew as a freelancer, writing for Dallas Home Improvement Magazine, Valley Babies Magazine, Bend Weekly newspaper and Associated Content. I actually began to make a decent amount of money, which encouraged me as a writer and my husband who replied, "Now you're talking to me." Doesn't money always talk?

When my fabulous editor, Robbi Hess, of The Black Rose paranormal line at The Wild Rose Press sent me an email with a contract attached, I nearly choked on my morning coffee. I just knew it was a rejection. For some reason, I always thought my first sell would come via "the call". I actually skimmed the email because I knew it would be painful for me......and then she closed it with Congratulations! Huh? I reread the email slowly and nearly flipped out! No, I did flip out and called my husband who was working out of town. He's a steel of those guys who builds the framework of a building.......who walks high in the air on beams. He was in the air when I called and the wind was whipping around him, making it hard to hear. I called him over and over until he picked up. He said, "Honey, what is it? I'm in the air." I said, "Guess what?" He could hear it in my voice. He already knew. "You sold a book?" "Yes!" I answered. "Oh, honey. I'm so damned proud of you. So, how is my published author?" Siggggggghhhhhh, yes, I will be reliving that moment for years and years to come! What an amazing feeling.

Here's the blurb for Canyon Wolf Bride:

When Olympic ski champion, Sean Wilson, takes his best friend’s widow, museum curator, Paige Wellington, on a vacation to The Grand Canyon, he’s attracted to more than the beauty of his companion and the magnificent scenery. Sean discovers an entire pack of werewolves thriving in a canyon paradise. The Havasupai, known as the people of the blue-green waters, share his genetic defect, the werewolf gene. Paige learns the secret of the wolf tribe and struggles with her decision to end their relationship, unable to imagine herself married to a half-man, half-wolf creature and bear his fuzzy, carnivorous children. Sean wars against the beast within. Even as the werewolf, he is an intelligent and keen animal, never losing touch with the man lurking beneath the fur and never losing sight of the woman he loves. Will the wolf gene keep them together or tear them apart?

Okay, I'm off to finish some freelance work if I can ever tear myself away from my author page long enough.......