Friday, July 18, 2008

Erato's Tears from Book II of Song of the Muses is Now Available!

Erato's Story

A powerful love is cut tragically short. Beyond Hades domain their destiny burns eternally bright. Two lost souls search through time to discover their hidden passion. In Delphi, Mathias, an outcast Spartan finds a reason at last to abandon his wanderlust in the vulnerable Ambrosia. With the unseen aid of Erato, he tries desperately to conquer her hatred of warriors and bring peace to his unsettled soul. A tenuous hold on love develops, but will their untried bond endure? Can the Muse of Love overcome the destructive power of one god's revenge, and right the wrongs of history? Only ERATOS TEARS will determine.

Each story in Song Of The Muses has a different author and of course, a different muse. Each day, for nine days, going in the order in which they fall in the series, Sky Purington will post the story’s cover, author, who their muse is and a link to that muses Myspace page. Yes, every single muse has their own site! If the story is available she'll also provide a buy link. Oh, and as she says, if you have a My Space, please feel free to visit the muses and send them a friend request. After all, everyone should have a muse for a friend!


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