Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wicked Halloween Contest!!!

Wicked Halloween Contest!!!!

Write a scary scene starting with this...

Ravenwood lit the torch and walked inside the barn. A lonely owl hooted from the rafters, ruffling its feathers, blinking. She saw the flame reflected in her golden eyes and then watched a shadow move along the rotted wood pile. A mouse scurried out, squeaking, carrying a piece of hay in her mouth. The shadow grew, blacking out the flickering light. She gasped, torch smoke billowed over her hooded head. With one shaking hand, she reached for the crucifix around her neck. The shadow crossed the pitchfork, fell upon the coffin and then...

Finish this scene...the scariest scene wins a Halloween prize...a mix of scary books, tricks and treats and their story featured on my site at Alisha Paige!

Mail your entries to with Wicked Halloween Contest in the title. Deadline is October 30th.

Winner announced on All Hallow's Eve! (That's Halloween for those of you stuck in this century.)

~Good Luck and may the best ghoul win!
Alisha Paige

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