Monday, November 24, 2008

An Interview with A Legend and A Contest from Skhye Moncrief!

Today I'm chatting with Arthur from He of the Fiery Sword, Skhye Moncrief's Time Guardian novel. Please welcome him with open arms. I for one am kneeling at his feet.

Alisha Paige: Just what are you, Arthur?

Arthur: They said we were a myth. Legend. And then humans tampered with human genetic code. Now, I live a strange life. Beyond myth yet deep within it. And I have grown to honor this existence above all else. Don't get me wrong. I first despised those centuries my being was solely that of a dragon. The lonely years. But things are different now. Tolerable. Why, you ask? Because the reward is far sweeter than the price in life. What is life without suffering? So, I challenge you all to prove me wrong. I invite you to rise to the challenge. It's not like anything will happen to me. I'm immortal. Shouldn't King Arthur be? Can we imagine a time without such a hero, even if he is really an immortal dragon?

Alisha Paige: So you are King Arthur. Just how does this affect history?

Arthur: I am history. Think not about the order of things because time bends in upon itself. Embrace reality. Know I am here to ensure history remains intact. I am history's guardian judge. And if I do my job right, the timeline exists uncorrupted.

Alisha Paige: That sounds kind of high tech. Just what do you do to maintain the timeline?

Arthur: I decide who works for the greater good of humanity--those who aren't out to alter history and change their futures. I use a time-travel key, a fairy-forged sword, and police the timeline. I'm not educated in Post-modern Alchemy. So, I can't tell you exactly how the process works. But fairies send us across time and space between planets.

Alisha Paige: Do you think about retiring? After all, the future is written. Or so it seems.

Arthur: The future is written. I couldn't retire even if I wanted to because I am part of the future. And since I was given a wife in the deal, the future burns brightly.

Thanks for stopping by, King Arthur! Come back anytime!

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Some things are worth dying for. But first, a man must live. Open the door to a new reality where legend becomes history and destined love defeats timeless evil. King Arthur is born…

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Reviews for Skhye’s other stories:

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"SACRIFICIAL HEARTS is a very enjoyable ride... a complex story yet completely realistic. Skyhe Moncrief made this such an easy story for me to follow. I was never left confused and I never felt like I was actually in another world. The romantic scenes flow wonderfully... and are never overdone. If you're a reader new to time travel stories, I think SACRIFICIAL HEARTS is a great story to start with." ~Amanda Haffery;
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