Saturday, November 8, 2008

Meet the Star of Etienne D'Artagnan's Time Travel Series!

Cody is the star of the new Time Travel series by Etienne D'Artagnan soon to be released by Mojocastle Press and I was lucky enough to stop him while he was passing through 2008. Check out my interview with Cody below!

Alisha: I hear you've been travelling through time for awhile. How did that happen?

Cody: Uncle James invented a little gadget that let me pop into different times. A pocket watch he messed with and gave to me. And it didn't work right.

Alisha: Dang it! I hate it when that happens! Of all the historical cultures you've visited, which one had the kinkest sex?

Cody: That would have to be the English when I got dropped into Victorian India. Something about the jungles and all that Victorian repression I guess. Of course Venice was interesting and the pirates were something else. I think they'd been on that boat too long.

Alisha: Oooh, pirates! Of Kings, Queens, pagan priestesses and Roman emperors, who gave you the greatest rush to have sex with?

Cody: That would have to be Commodus Caesar, he was insane. I mean really certifiably insane, and scary.

Alisha: Yikes! Do you think you've changed the course of history somewhere along the way?

Cody: I don't really think so...Well maybe China...But the Time Police sure do. They want to kill me.

Alisha: You lead a very dangerous life. Who would you like to visit again?

Cody: That's a tough one...Probably Dorothy in Medieval Scotland. I could have stayed there. She was...Never mind.

Alisha: Ooooh, now I want to know more! I notice you mention both men and women, I take it you're Bi?

Cody: Definitely.

Alisha: Which do you like better?

Cody: Just depends on what I'm in the mood for and who's around. Are you offering?

Alisha: *Snicker* I don't think my caveman husband would like that too much. How did you manage to get back to your own time?

Cody: I'm not supposed to tell, Nelland would kill me, you'll have to read the series.

Alisha: I fully intend to do so! Thank you for stopping in this century to conduct this interview. It was rather...uh...interesting.

Time Traveler Series Blurb
Caught up in his Uncle's intrigues Cody is swept into the past. The only problem is his Uncle's time machine doesn't work quite right. He's never sure where or when he'll be when he jumps. All Cody wants is to get home and back to his life, but the Time Police have different plans and now they're after him.

Stonehenge - Ancient Britain, fertility rites, what's a guy to do?
Excerpt – Stonehenge
The chanting was hypnotic. All I could focus on was the girl lying on the altar. She was pretty in an ordinary sort of way, her belly flat and her small breasts firm. I moved closer, to the edge of the light, mesmerized by the sight of her.
I felt the heat growing inside and the tightening in my groin that heralded an erection. I licked my lips and swallowed hard. This was not the time to be thinking about fucking but I really couldn’t help myself. She was looking at me, her eyes reflecting the flames. I don’t know what made me do it but I stepped forward into the light.

The Great Pyramid – In the desert heat mummies aren't all that gets wrapped up.
Excerpt – The Great Pyramid
The soft sound of sandals on the stone floor alerted me to the presence of someone else. The scent of lotus let me know Nefertiti was close by. I swallowed, my mouth suddenly dry. My eyes were adjusting slowly; I could see movement blacker shadow on black night.
A fingertip drew a tingling line of fire over my chest and back as she walked around me. A faint breeze, or maybe it was her breath, ghosted over my sweat damp skin. I shivered, unable to stop it.
“Have you ever thought of what it must be like to awake in your tomb?” The timbre of her voice sent a chill down my spine.
“No,” it was all I could say. She laughed softly, the sound of a woman intent on seducing a man. Of a woman who knows she’s in complete control. My stomach clenched.

Droollll! Wow...Cody! I'm so glad we've met! Now about what you offered earlier...


Regina Carlysle said...

Excellent excerpts...both of them. I love the sound of this series and what an interesting interview. Damn.

PennyAsh said...

I have the priviledge of being the critique partner for this series and trust me they're really good

Skhye said...

LOL, Alisha, leave it to you to ask the perfect questions! I LOVE THESE COVERS. And the interview was mighty intriguing.

Alisha Paige said...

Don't these sound yummy, Reg? I'm going to have to read these, Penny! They sound too scrumptious to pass up!

And are the queen of the best interview you would't the covers beautiful? And these time travel stories to Stonehenge and The Great Pyramids are right up your alley, you little anthropologist, you!

Thanks for the interview, Cody! Stop back by next time you cross over into my time period!