Monday, December 29, 2008

Helping Hands....Single Mom in Need of Diapers/Milk

My friend, Portia is in need of Diapers and Milk. She has not been paid for over a month and has filed a Wage Dispute against her employer. How bad is that? I've been there. I worked for a plastic surgeon...yep, a doctor that didn't pay his employees on time. I went through the same thing and it's a long process. I eventually received my back pay but it took awhile.

Portia's little girl is in need of small size PULL UPS and her little boy is in need of size 5/6 DIAPERS. If you have any extras you didn't use with your kids or know of any place that would like to donate, please email me at I can email you my home address to mail them to and I'll deliver the items or her home address if you prefer. I'm going to just buy her some milk. Every kid deserves an endless supply of milk and it just breaks my heart.

These are tough times for everyone right now but even little gestures can mean a lot. She's not asking for hand outs and does not want anyone to spend their own money but if you have leftovers from your kids or have friends that do, please gather them up and let me know. I know I always had leftovers when my kids grew like weeds.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and for your love and support.

~Here's to a better 2009!


Linda LaRoque said...

Do you have a paypal account? If so I can send you money and you can get what she needs. My email is


Alisha Paige said...


You are such a sweetheart. Portia wanted me to stress that she isn't looking for handouts but appreciates even a dollar to help buy diapers and milk. If you'd like to contribute, you can send via paypal to If anyone would like my address or Portia's to mail diapers or Pull Ups, please email me at the same email address and I'll email it to you.


Skhye said...

Alisha, I'm also mailing some diaper coupons. If Portia can wait, have her hang on until you receive the coupons. The coupons include 2 for ToysRUs where you get two $10 gift cards for anything when you buy pampers or huggies. If she must buy diapers today, have her only buy one pack of each until she gets these coupons in a day or so. Skhye

Alisha Paige said...

Thank you to everyone who sent money and coupons to help Portia and her precious babies. You are truly angels sent from heaven!


Ms. Henson said...

To all the ladies who have contributed, I sincerely appreciate it. Its a hard time right now for everyone, and I understand that. The very fact that you considered helping us at all is phenomenal. Thank you thank you thank you! God Bless