Monday, April 6, 2009

Nocturnally Vexed Receives 5 Lips from Two Lips Reviews!

Reviewed by Barb at Two Lips Reviews

Rating: 5 Lips!

Chastity is a reporter and has a story that will blow the lid right off the roof as well as jump start her career right into the big league. If she can live long enough for all of that to happen and meeting Vex is not going to make staying alive any easier. Jack the Ripper is back and only Vex will be able to stop him as long as Chastity doesn’t distract him too much from what he needs to do. This is not your garden-variety serial killer.

Born from a bloodsucker and a shifter raptor, Vex and his brothers have the unusual ability to sense when either is present. A handy ability when there are times you are there to kill a rogue troublemaker. What he senses about the “copy cat” Jack the Ripper is keeping him up at night. This is one of his people and only he can and must stop him before he disappears again.

It seems that Chastity Worthington is going to be the ripper’s next victim. Vex’s challenge will be to keep Chastity alive, capture Jack, and keep everything that’s going on a secret. Who is Vex keeping Chastity safe from? Himself or Jack? Right now, Vex isn’t sure which is less dangerous to her.

Alisha Paige takes the vampire and shapeshifter genres and puts a delightfully new slant on the paranormal world. It’s not easy to come up with new ways to intrigue the reader but Ms. Paige’s has done just that. Sex is a good but forbidden desire where that the reader can taste the attraction even before the final conquest! YUM!!! The static of the anticipated touch when the characters are mere inches from each other bounces off the pages right into the readers lap. The shock when that first touch happens will make you shiver. Got your attention? Good, because that along with the intriguing story is exactly what you will get when you pick up Alisha Paige’s Nocturnally Vexed.

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