Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Signs from The Man Upstairs or Maybe I'm Just Mental!

I know all my writer friends out there are going to groan when they hear this because I know better. Really I do. I always back up everything. At least I used to. Last week my computer crashed. Don't know why. I have virus protection and plenty of memory. It just decided to die. Along with it, died two manuscripts and many precious family photos. I think I can retrieve the stuff. Of course I'll have to pay out the wahzoo to do so, but some of the experts tell me that 99% of the time, they can recover lost data. Good news. Sort of. I guess.

I'm trying to make the best of it. I'm one of those fools that looks for signs. No, not freeway signs...signs from God. I'm looking for direction and generally when I ask for it, I get it. I was working on one of those manuscripts, planning to go in a whole new direction with my writing. That WIP is bye-bye. It forced me to go back to another werewolf novel I had been working on about six months ago. When I heard the market was saturated with these stories, I had put it aside.

If you read my blog often, you'll remember that I just went to a writer's conference in Dallas and heard from editors and agents that paranormal romances are still very much in demand...so....I'm back to working on this book and will charge full speed ahead.

See, I took that computer crash as a sign. For many things. Back up everything. Even if it's a page. Back up daily. It also taught me this. I better get a regular old camera. I never do anything with the digital photos. They sit on my computer. What a waste.

But most importantly, that computer crash reminded me to follow my heart. Ignore the market news. Let's hope I can remember to write from my gut, follow my passions. I adore paranormals. I was one of those kids that thought Halloween was the VERY BEST TIME OF THE YEAR...and being an October baby only confirmed it. I'm a lover of shadows, autumn winds and smoke fires. And I'm totally in love with with the hero of my latest WIP, Axl, grandson of Lord of the Wolfen. Here's what he looks like.

So speak up, friends. Do you believe in signs?


MarthaE said...

I definitely believe in signs - they are usually all around us if we will only look and listen with an open heart! You are so right too that if you ask for guidance or help you will get it...in some form or another! My laptop motherboard went out in November but the computer guys were able to transfer all the data to a new machine. I am being more careful about backing up too!

Skhye said...

No, I don't believe in signs. LOL. Sorry to be so late responding. But I was on a very long vacation in Florida. Did you retrieve your data yet? I hope so. Sorry to hear about your frustration. My favorite computer crashed a few months back. Now my stupid Vista computer doesn't want to type "m"s. I HATE THIS COMPUTER. Look for an email from me too! I've got some news for you, dearie.