Saturday, July 18, 2009

Contest in Honor of My Grandfather's Birthday!

July 19th is my grandfather's birthday. He passed away in 2001. I'd like to honor him by giving away an ebook of The Wooden Nickel. I wrote this book in honor of my grandparents and their love for one another.

Earl Clifford Pemberton was a hell of a man. He grew up during The Great Depression and was a paratrooper during WWII. I loved hearing stories of his childhood and of the war. And I loved his accent. He pronounced wash as wursh and bombs as bums. Creek was crick. He was the strongest man I knew and I miss him so much. Today I was straightening some things on my desk and I knocked his picture over by accident. It made me smile as I picked it up. I know he's watching out for me.

Leave me a comment about the memories you have with your grandparents and I'll enter you into a drawing for The Wooden Nickel.

Have a beautiful weekend!
~Alisha Paige


Mark Alders said...

My grandfather passed away when I was very young. I do vividly remember how I used to sit on his lap when he was in his conservatory. I assume on the weekends or after work he went and retired there. He would read to me while he smoked his pipe. Pipe or cigar smoke brings back so many memories of those days.



Alisha Paige said...

What a beautiful memory, Mark! Makes we want to smell a pipe now. You're the winner of The Wooden Nickel. I hope you enjoy it, my friend!

Dianna Katelynn(: said...

mom!Go look at my blog..its...interesting:)i cant wait till saturday when we go to hear the blue's thingy that we have been missing out on for 20 years!haha.OH and leave a comment on my blog to tell me how you like it!