Thursday, November 12, 2009

Uncaged Releases Today!

My paranormal were-lion tale is now available as an ebook. It will go to print in The Brood anthology in a few months. I really fell in love with my hero, Bruce.


Fifteen years have passed since a captured African lion has lived life as a man. Time enough to forget, but when Bruce Remington meets, Wren Whittier, a lovely quadroon, the scent of a woman comes flooding back to him.

Returning to Africa is no longer an option, not when the lion-man is hell-bent on claiming Wren as his wife. But when his new love is captured by a lynch mob and jailed on charges of witchcraft, Bruce must use all his animal powers to rescue her before she's burned at the stake. Connected only through telepathy, they learn that passion can be shared in the darkest places.

Rating: Carnal—Adult situations and language


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Eli said...


I'm loving the cover! This looks interesting, can't wait to read! :) Must get soon, lol.