Friday, May 6, 2011

Michael Murphy, Suspense Novelist on Blending Genres

People who read Michael Murphy mystery/suspense novels are often surprised by the wacky characters and humor in the stories. I’ve always enjoyed reading mystery/suspense with a blend of humor and romance. One of the best writers who excels at this is Nelson DeMille.

It wasn’t a surprise that when I became an author I wrote the kind of novel I enjoy reading. I blend elements of different genres. At the end of the novel, the reader experiences a mystery, a thriller, and a romantic comedy.

Authors should write for their audience. Readers expect a certain style of writing, mystery/and suspense tends to have shorter scenes, chapters, even sentences. Romance writing has longer sentences with more descriptions, not just the sensual scenes. Sci-fi readers want science fiction, but why not include elements of literary fiction in the story?

Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries in your writing. Crossing genres boundaries can add depth of characterization and provide surprises for the reader. The challenge for writers is to write with an audience in mind while pushing the boundaries of the genre. It’s a fine line to walk, but hey, if it was easy, they’d all be doing it.

My latest novel, Scorpion Bay, is filled with danger and suspense. There are also wacky characters and laugh out loud moments. There’s even a paranormal experience, or was it a dream?

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Rhiannon Ellis said...

Hi there, Michael! I'm working on a cross-genre novel right now. Women's fiction/romance, with the flavor of southern fiction. It's a lot of fun to incorporate the strong inner narrative and character-driven elements of women's fic, along with the love story and sensuality of romance, into one story. Fun writing equals fun reading, right? Carry on, my friend!

Michael Murphy said...

Thanks for having me on your blog, Alisha.