Friday, October 28, 2011

HALLOWEEN BASH ~ Some Rock Stars are Cover Artists!

The Wicked Witch of the West: **Evil Cackle!** Hello my pretties!!! Welcome back to my Halloween Bash! Hey, you...yes, you...drinking water! Don't throw that! Noooooooooo! I'm melting....ahhhhhhhh..I'm melting.......

(Cue the Ding Dong the Witch is Dead Music and rush Sky in the room...crazy ass old hag trying to ruin my Halloween Bash!)

**Clears throat and waves the dead witch smoke away**

Alisha: **Cough, cough** Sorry, everyone. The wicked witch is just a pile of wet clothes and broom. Welcome back to the party! Sky, I'll just kick her wet laundry out of they way. Here, have a candy corn and a glass of wine. I hear you have a fun surprise for our readers! :)

Sky: **muttering to herself with a fake smile plastered to her pretty face** Hi everyone! Guess what? It’s ‘Free Friday’ here at Alisha’s blog. Lucky me, I’ve spent the entire week at this blog and I’m well and cozied in. Might not leave. *Grins* Seriously, it’s been great fun. But it’s not over yet. I’m here today and tomorrow.

Alisha told me I could do whatever I wanted to with today’s post so I’ve decided to ‘pay it forward.’ How’s that you ask? Simple. I want to give credit to someone who has helped me sell my books. Do I have a co-writer? No. But I do have a cover artist. And quite frankly, had she not come through for me over the years, my name might not be known to this day. Yes, a cover artist is that important. And when one finds one as talented as mine, they don’t let go!

She’s so good that for the cover of The King’s Druidess, she implemented a picture of an oak tree trunk from her yard and created magic with it. She creates thousands of covers a year and did that for me. I’ll forever be ‘wowed’ by her dedication to her craft.

I’ve had this cover artist for four years and intend to keep her for at least forty more (knocks on wood).

A HUGE thank you to the talented Tamra Westberry. For your chance to win The King’s Druidess (The MacLomain Series- Prelude) and Fate’s Monolith (The MacLomain Series- Book 1)
you have to shoot over to her website, HERE, then swing back and leave just one title she’s created in a comment. To keep this fair, you must list a different one than previous commenters. Indie covers or TWRP covers. All’s good. (To keep it easy I suggest that you copy and paste her website URL, minimizing Alisha’s blog window, then copying Tamra’s URL into a new browser. That way we all stick together. *Winks*)
As you can see, all my covers are shown here and every single one she created.

Be sure to pop back in tomorrow to check out some fabulous book trailers. (You’re gonna love the intense music!) One lucky commenter will win the entire trilogy plus a box of chocolates!)

And of course, there’s that LUCKY WINNER who wins a print copy of my upcoming, The Victorian Lure!


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Alisha: What a great way to pay it forward, Sky! Tamra is an AMAZING COVER ARTIST and I'm super thrilled that you chose to dedicate today's post to her. All of my Tamra covers ROCK because our cover artist is a ROCK STAR! ;)



mamabear said...

So I am going to go with Deadly R&R! She is such a talented cover artist and when I am ready for mine, she will certainly have another client! Thanks for sharing!

Sky Purington said...

You're welcome mamabear! Tamra's one of a kind! :-)

Tamra said...

Awwww. I can't pick a cover. I love them all. LOL! TY, SKY!!! I LOVE making covers for you and Alisha.

Anonymous said...

Tamra is an amazingly talented lady.

I'm gonna go with Fate's Monolith as my fave.


'Cause the man is in a freaking KILT! That's why. ;-)

Sky Purington said...

(((Cyberhugs))) Tamra. You rock lady!

Sky Purington said...

Ha! I SO hear ya, Shea! ;-) TY for stopping by.

Tatiana L. said...

Call of the Raven looks pretty good =)

All the covers actually look awesome!

tatiana_lwg (at)

Julia Crane said...


My favorite is The Victorian Lure

Great Covers!

Lizzy said...

Sylvan Mist! Love the pale blues and white contrast! :-) Awesome work, Tamra! Lizzy Ford

Sky Purington said...

Thanks for joining the fun, Tatiana, Julia and Lizzy! :-)

Author Roast and Toast said...

Sorry to be so late joining in here Sky and Alisha - and Tamra. I love your latest covers, Sky, they're all beautiful, I love them all, although Fate's Monolith might be my favourite by a whisker.

Tamra designed my own covers and I recently attended a conference here in the UK - and I had so many compliments on 'Chldren Of the Mist'!

Lovely post, ladie.