Wednesday, October 26, 2011

HALLOWEEN BASH ~ Tasty Morsels to Tempt

Alisha: As I sit here munching candy corn
and sipping red wine
, I've been reading Sky's blurbs. Okay, I couldn't I went ahead and read her excerpts too. I started stuffing more candy corn into my mouth and slurping the wine! Oh my! I feel sorry for all you readers out there because you'll have to wait one more day to read the yummy excerpts! ****evil witch cackle**** But fear not! This gives you one more chance to LEAVE SKY A COMMENT today so you will be entered into her drawing on Saturday for chocolate and books! Now I'll give the floor to Sky. I'm out of wine and I have....let's candy corns left! That just won't do!!!

Sky: It’s day three at Alisha’s blog and I’m having such a blast!
Today I’ll be sharing blurbs. As previously mentioned I’m dishing out about my MacLomain Series this week. .99 CENTS PER TALE. One short story, three full novels. Be sure to swing in tomorrow for some super-yummy and oh-so-naughty excerpts.
Hope you enjoy!

Chiomara Ruadh, Druidess of Ulster, will not be swayed from prophecy. If the Gods of Ireland request that she couple with the king, so be it. If it is also their wish that he marry another woman, who is Chiomara, a simple Druid, to stand in their way?
Erc Breac, king of the Dalriada, can only think of Chiomara. Her beauty is surreal and the tales that follow her across the land unsurpassed. But that is not enough when faced with the obligations of a king. His people must come first. His future wife and queen, Macha, must come first. Yet, fate is a slippery thing. Will Erc risk the whole of his kingdom for what lays in his heart?

Arianna Broun, a Scottish born colonial American has been haunted by the reoccurring dream of a phantom Scottish warrior. Her infatuation with the dream intensifies until All Hallows' Eve, when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest. After several bizarre encounters she runs to her safe haven deep in the woods. When dawn comes too early, Arianna is eager to go home. But fate has other plans.

Laird Iain MacLomain has long awaited the arrival of his promised bride. She claims to not be the woman intended for him but she fits the description given him of her, all fire and defiance. That defiance will end up costing them everything and rips them apart. However, a Scottish Chieftain with magic at his disposal is capable of most anything. Will he hold Arianna in his arms again or is she lost to him forever? Only time will tell.

Caitlin Seavey relives the same nightmare every night for three years. Then one day, the dream seeps into reality when an ethereal Scotsman visits. Horrified, she confides in her grandmother who then gives her a two hundred year old novel titled Fate's Monolith. It tells the tale of her distant relative's journey to medieval Scotland and can only be a myth. When Caitlin discovers a family heirloom in the attic she soon learns the book is based on truth.

Chieftain Ferchar MacLomain found what he was looking for. Caitlin. He should have left her alone. For to bring her to Cowal will spell disaster-a foreseen threat to himself, his clan, and Caitlin. As a visionary, it's his obligation to protect her. As a man, he's determined to ignore his heart. Can he thwart his destiny? Or will he forever be a slave to the gods of old.

Coira O'Donnell refuses to acknowledge the Scotsman haunting her. Why should she? She carries no magic and she's newly engaged. Well aware of the mysterious tie between the medieval MacLomains and her mother's clan, the Brouns, Coira will have no part of it. She much prefers a proper English gentleman to a barbarian living six hundred years in the past. However, as one whirlwind day will prove, she has little choice in the matter.

Chieftain William MacLomain did not call her back, yet she arrives. Coira is not the woman meant for him. Or is she? Her arrival marks the start of a highland war unlike any Scotland has witnessed before, one born of magic. Soon, he finds himself in a tangled web of duty, loyalty and unexpected love. A love so unattainable and powerful it may cost him the war; and his heart.

SKY HERE. Don’t forget, tomorrow’s all about the excerpts. You don’t want to miss them!

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Sky Purington said...

LMAO. You're good at making me 'laugh out loud' girl! All I can taste now is Candy Corns & wine. Weeeee, holy sugar rush!!! Been working on updating my website all night. *Yawns* Be back in a bit!

Alisha said...

Tee hee! I'm here to make you! Hey, try some candy corn and wine...a wonderful Halloween combination! Still salivating after reading those hot excerpts! Can't wait for tomorrow's fun to begin!

Sky Purington said...

I know it! One day and counting. Rubs hands together in anticipation. :-)

Sancira said...

All of your books sound like they will be a great read! Thank you for the invite to her page Alisha!

mamabear said...

I agree with Sancira! They sound absolutely fascinating!I need to add them to my list!

Eva's Flowers said...

You have some awesome looking covers for your books, I'm gonna link this so I can come back and add them to my TBR list :)


Sky Purington said...

Thanks so much, Sancira! I truly enjoyed writing this series. Might end up adding to it as the years go on. :-)

Sky Purington said...

Thanks, mamabear! *Wide grin*

Sky Purington said...

Thanks, Eva! I have an amazing cover artist, Tamra Westberry. Be sure to swing in Friday as I dedicated that post to her!