Thursday, March 8, 2012

One Hot Weekend Read!

The weekend is almost here! I'm excited to announce the re-release of my debut novel, Canyon Wolf Bride for .99 at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble! I'd like to thank my sexy cover models, Jimmy Thomas and Pamela Jean Noble!

Canyon Wolf Bride was nominated for Best Paranormal Romance of 2007, awarded Reviewer Top Pick at Night Owl Romance and Recommended Read at My Book Cravings! Could you love a werewolf if he was a hot Olympic ski champion with a killer bod and a heart of gold? I know I could! Have a fun weekend and let me know if you pick up Canyon Wolf Bride!

The lone owl flew with silent, spotted wings over the tops of the snow covered pines as the old moon shined bright and cold, lighting her journey back to the giant, grandmother oak. Hollow and deep, the ancient tree hid her babies, cradling them in darkness, sheltering them from the frosted wind.
Swooping to the top of the tree, she peered inside, her lifeless prey dangling in her crooked beak. Peeping through a wormed out hole near the top of her home, she eyed his deep footprints in the snow. He was a small gray figure now beneath her tree, gazing at her with round blue eyes as if to say, I’ll get it next time.
The silver wolf stalked away as the owl began tearing the rabbit with her talons, feasting heartily, her gold eyes keeping watch until he disappeared into the snow covered forest.
The wolf would go hungry tonight. His frosty breath led the way as he plodded through the woods, edging near the road as the sun peeked over the horizon. Nearing the cabin and inching around to the back, he jumped on his hind legs and peered through the kitchen window.
The lace curtains only allowed half an inch to see inside, but he could already see that she was up, drinking coffee in her robe. Sighing, his blue eyes flicked to chocolate brown at the sight of her.
He worried endlessly about her and long ago made it a habit to check on her on his way home. Inhaling, he breathed in the scent of bacon, coffee and the flowery, feminine fragrance that filtered through his wolf nostrils and into his man heart. Reluctantly, he returned to all fours. Morning was near. The mountainside was beginning to glow bright with first light as he scampered off.
His heart was pounding by the time he reached the truck. He had almost cut it too close. Sun rays glistened on his silver coat as he jumped into the bed of the truck. Pain filled grunts and growls escaped his throat as the truck rocked back and forth. Birds in the trees took flight as the woods plunged into quiet stillness. He lay naked on a thin sheet of ice, his eyes shut tight as his rapid breathing slowed to normal.
Perspiration rolled down his smooth chest. His hazelnut hair was drenched, plastered against his neck and jaw line. He groaned and opened his eyes to a flood of color and light. The change from black and white vision to full frontal color spectrum never failed to take his breath away. He focused on an icicle hanging from his toolbox. The bed of the truck changed from dull gray to bright color as he blinked to focus again. The tool box shone bright red, the icicle a pearlescent white, his snow skis a brilliant blue, and the sunlight filtering through the pines a warm yellow. Taking a deep breath of frosty air, he reached for the bag, tugging at the draw string. He grabbed his jeans, sweater, and boots, dressing in record time, jumping onto the snow just as the sun began to peek over the Rocky Mountains. Bounding into his truck, he sped off toward his cabin a mile away.

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Cathy McElhaney said...

YAY! Love the new cover! Jimmy Thomas sure is yummy! LOL! I wish you nothing but the best! The book is so awesome I bought 2 copies, LOL! I have the very 1st signed copy of Alisha Paige's 1st book! Nope, not for sale, haha! It's mine!

Louise Sorensen said...

The wolf sounds delicious. I think I could love him. All the best with your release.

Barbara Mazzuca said...

The story is delicious. I know I review this book 4 years ago. Before I started my own review site I review this book for another site. For me it holds a special spot, because soon after our paths crossed again and we became good friends (and not just because I gave a good reviews *snort*). So glad I decided to take a chance on an author I'd never heard of. Love you kiddo!!

Alisha said...

Thank you so much, Louise! And thank you my two wonderful friends, Cathy and Barb!! I'm so happy you stopped by! I adore you both! xoxoxo