Friday, May 4, 2012

Hot Voodoo Chick!

Super excited to show off my brand new cover for the re-release of Voodoo Moon this month at Amazon and Barnes and Noble! Thank you to the super talented Erin Dameron-Hill for coming up with this stunning cover!! Her information can be found at the right if you want to hire her as a cover artist. She's a blast to work with and will tweak your cover until you're giddy as me! I love research and this book was super fun to research the legend of Annie Palmer and Haitian voodoo. Here's a blurb: When London rock star, Tammie Palmer inherits the historic plantation, Rose Hall in Montego Bay, Jamaica, she decides to make it her new recording studio, moving her band, Witch Storm, to the haunted mansion. Tales of her ancestor, Annie Palmer have been floating around Jamaica for nearly two centuries. Horrifying acts of slave torture, black magic, Haitian voodoo and murder are part of the legend of the White Witch of Rose Hall. Ancient spells conjure a powerful houngan from the 1800's. A voodoo priest who performed black magick to shift into a wolf in order to save his wife, Daisy from the White Witch. Now he's alive again, hell-bent on revenge against the witch's ancestor. But how can the shifter voodoo-king punish a woman whose scent reminds him of his former love? Can he confront his past and survive in this new world as a beast, without falling in love with his enemy? Spread love, ~Alisha


Sky Purington said...

OMG, I absolutely LOVE this cover!!! Can't wait to read this one! :-)

Alisha said...

Thanks, sweetie! Can't wait until we're drinking ritas together in the Lone Star State! Happy Mother's Day!!! See you soon! xoxo