Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Poseidon! One Hot Ass God!

Alisha: I'm thrilled to welcome Sasha Summers to my blog today. Sasha, please tell us about the characters in your lastest book! And please introduce the hottie in the room! Wow!

Sasha: Medusa: A Love Story has a cast of interesting characters. Ariston, the hero. Medusa, the heroine – yes, I know that sounds weird :). Secondary characters Elpis, Thea, and the Gorgons. But the villain in Medusa is just so good at being bad that you can’t help but find yourself drawn in by him.

So it’s with great pleasure that Poseidon decided to spend a little time discussing what it means to be an Olympian, brother to Zeus, and the God of the Ocean… and fertility.

Poseidon: I have little time to spare. Ask me your questions and be done with it.
(He’s really hot, so I’m going to let his snarky tone slide)

Sasha: Thank you for visiting-

Poseidon: Your questions?

Sasha: What does it mean to be a God?
He’s laughing now… Still laughing…

Poseidon: This is your question?

Sasah: It’s one of them.

Poseidon: And the next?

Sasah: You’re not going to answer the first one? (He has a very condescending look on his face. Which is, strangely, even hotter.)

Poseidon: Some questions cannot be answered. I am a God, something beyond your mortal comprehension.

Sasha: Okay… And your brother the ruler of Olympus?
(He’s scowling at me – it’s a smokin’ scowl!)

Poseidon: Zeus rules Olympus. He does not rule me.

Sasha: (He spits these words out – I’ve obviously hit a nerve.)

Poseidon: Do you have anything of merit to ask?

Sasha: Such as?

Poseidon: How many cities claim me as their patron God? How many children I’ve fathered? How many times I’ve defeated Athena?

Sasha: About the fathering of children-

Poseidon: A skill I’m most fond of. (He leans forward, close, and stares at me a little too intently.) Are you in need of sons? I’m a generous God?

Sasha: (it’s really hot in here) No, I’m good. Two sons – husband – all good. Thanks.

Poseidon: (laughing softly – sexy.) Mortal sons – mortal husband.

Sasha: I’m rather fond of them.

Poseidon: (sitting back, eyebrow raised) Fond? What is this ridiculous sentiment that mortals cling to? Fondness, love? Foolishness?

Sasha: You’ve never been in love?
(He’s laughing again, shaking his head.) I’ll take that as a no.

Poseidon: Lust is much more gratifying. Perhaps fondness serves as a replacement for it’s more heady counterpart.

Sasha: (he’s looking rather intently at me again) I like to think they go hand in hand.
He stands, then leans over my chair, gripping the arms and staring at me. I admit it, I feel a little tingley.

Poseidon: I’m feeling rather lusty at the moment, woman.

Sasha: Oh… (gulp!) I’m… sorry.
He stands and sighs.

Poseidon: Then I leave you for more willing companionship.

Sasha: But our interview…

Poseidon: We are done. (and he leaves)

Sasha: So this is kind of a pathetic excuse of a character interview, but somehow I think it gives a pretty clear picture of the sheer hotness that is Poseidon. At least, the way I’ve written him.

Want more – and you know you do – find him in Medusa, A Love Story.

Alisha: Uh...holy seaweed! He is alpha God to the core! Yum! Thanks for sharing, Sasha! Tell Poseidon to stop by any ole' time. I have to go take a cold shower now.

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helpmerhonda72 said...

Fun interview!!
Having read the book, I can certainly appreciate this! :-D


Fun interview! And thanks for closing with the pix of THE MAN!!! LOLOL

Sasha Summers said...

Thanks for the interview opp Alisha! Lots of fun - Poseidon is definitely a villain you LOVE to hate - LOL!

Sophie Greyosn said...

Ha! Love this! Poseidon sounds like my kind of ma... uh, god. Fun interview!

Sophie Greyson

Willa Blair said...

Very clever, Sasha. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Def a summer read I gotta add to my list! Great and imaginative interview. I always felt Medusa geys a bum rap!