Friday, February 8, 2013

What is #Sexy? #sensual #erotica #chemistry #love #romance #fetish #nightowl

What is sexy? Funny how our opinions differ on what is sexy. For some it's the eyes, the smile, a kind soul, an intelligent mind, a sculpted body or a combination of all these traits. What do you find sexy in a man or a woman?

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I have a fetish for hands. Big, strong hands..sigh! I'm totally in love with my husband's hands. The man can be totally clothed and lay one hand on my knee and I'm done for. I'd love to hear what drives you crazy!

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Have a Sexy Friday! ~ Ruby Vines


Barbara Mazzuca said...

Hi Alisha!!

I don't have an answer for what makes a man or woman sexy. But I will tell you what I do think is sexy? When a woman finally understands what a true orgasm really feels like, you'd be surprised how many women I've talk to that tell me they don't think they've ever really had one. And I tell them if they don’t think they ever had one then they didn’t. Because it’s a moment some call the little death, akin to a spiritual release ...first for some their eyes rolled back blocking all sight. And then a feeling of consuming sensuality takes over your body sparking it full of pleasure wherever it’s touched, blocking all sound. And just when you feel your about to go mad from all of the sensations bombarding you and your body – comes that moment, “The Little Death…Akin to a Spiritual Release”. Although your body will feel both warm and cold, as reality slowly returns, your spirit will feel satisfied and free!”

Mmm, I think I see an upcoming theme for a blog of my own, “The Little Death”…me likely, LOL!


P.S. I didn’t enter for the giveaway. I did it cuz I love ya!!

Alisha said...

Wow! That is truly sexy. No doubt about that! Love you too, Barb! Thanks for stopping by. We're long overdue for a long chat on the phone. Hugs and love!

Pam Yakel said...

Eyes are my weakness, but give me a shirtless cowboy in a pair of low riding jeans and I'm a goner.

Alisha said...

I hear ya, Pam...sigh! Thanks for stopping by!