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Knowing His Secret! #Erotica #Romance #Kindle

I'm thrilled to welcome K.C. Falls to my blog today! Here's the blurb and an excerpt from her sexy erotic contemporary romance, KNOWING HIS SECRET!


He looked like the kind of man even my mother would call smokin' hot. Eventually, she did.

He felt like the kind of man who didn't just break the rules, but made new ones. He led and it was follow or get out of the way.

Why did a billionaire with a voice like liquid silk and a face like a bad angel take a second look at a girl in no-name jeans, with a fifteen-dollar haircut and a beat up car she calls her "Eep" because the 'J' fell off long ago?

I didn't want to know why and when I thought I knew I didn't want to admit it. By the time I found his secret, it was already too late. His passion had me hooked like a drug. It didn't hurt that he pulled the people I love the most out of harm's way. A girl can get used to a knight in shining armor even when the armor has some very large dents in it.


There was no way around it. I was going home to Brooklyn and back to the familiar Park Slope neighborhood where Jenn and I grew up. Jenn would be at Bennington, a long way from home. Sometimes the thought of being without my best buddy was enough to make me tear up. It had to happen someday, but that wasn't much comfort to me as the hours and days counted down to the end of the era--Jenn and Raina, BFF's.

We took the opposite shift jobs with the separation in mind. Both of us knew we'd have to wean ourselves off of our constant companionship. We had literally been passing in the halls for weeks with me at Tanglewood and her night work with the theater.

I was kind of quiet as we watched an hour of some Adam Sandler movie we'd both seen a half dozen times. Jenn asked me what was on my mind.

"Oh, a couple of things."


"Like how much I'm not looking forward to moving back with mom and dad."

"I hear you. I love your parents, but it does seem like a step backwards."

"And how much I'm going to miss you."

"Aw, Raina, I'm gonna miss you, too. You're the only sister I've got." She patted me affectionately on my leg. Jenn was from a family of three boys and her. Mine was all girls, me being the youngest of three.

"And about . . ."


"Tristan King. I think I've got a crush on him."

Jenn laughed so hard I thought she was going to choke. "Honey, Tristan King cannot even *spell* middle class. I'm quite sure he considers Brooklyn only a small step up from Armpit, Idaho."

"You think he's so shallow that he wouldn't . . ."

"Raina, I don't think, I know. Wait 'til you start seeing all the other players in the drama of our Little Theater family. None of the 'queens' are going to let you near Tristan. He's one of *theirs*."

K.C. Falls is a native of New York who traded the Big Apple for Big Sky country. Her Montana ranch is home to a menagerie of animals including one human male she shamelessly uses for inspiration. Her tales are sharp-edged stories with strong sexy heroes and the women they can't resist.

K.C. finds time to feed the chickens, study Native Americana (she's part Cheyenne--that's what the 'C' stands for) and cook incredible food because there isn't a restaurant around for many miles. She writes in between bites.

K.C. loves to hear from readers, so please feel free to follow her on any of her social media channels. And don't forget to check out her website. You can sign up to her mailing list there, to hear about new releases and any promotional sales coming up. You can also find some backstory for her current and future works.



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