Monday, March 24, 2014

Great #Saturday Signing Books at the #Wounded #Warrior #Celebrity #Amputee #Softball #Game! #Kidlit #Cats #TherapyAnimals #Veterans

I'm still buzzing from a great Saturday at the Wounded Warrior Celebrity Amputee Softball Game! What a fun day!

I signed books for Children of our Wounded Warriors, giving out 50 free books about the amazing therapy kitty, Tennessee, owned by actress, Victoria Lee Williams!

Here I am with my two favorite helpers! My kids loved meeting the children, passing out stickers, stamping Tennessee's paw print on the kids' hands and handing out coloring sheets.

We also got to meet Bully Bear who fights bullies all over the world! Go to I'mBullyFree.Org to find out more about Bully Bear, upcoming events and how you can invite Bully Bear to your school, Boys and Girls Club or any anti-bully event/program! A big thank you to my Bully Survival Radio co-host, Bud Collier at for inviting us!

I met some fantastic warriors and celebrities while I was there! All proceeds to this event go to benefit children with missing limbs.

Here I am giving Miss DFW a signed copy! She was a sweetheart and promises to spread the word about Tennessee and help get donations for all the children of our Fallen Warriors for Snowball Express 2014!

Check out Dallas Cowboy, Cory Procter wearing Bully Bear's head at bat!!!

This is the very funny Wounded Warrior and Comedian, Bobby Henline! Check out his funny jersey! This guy just cracks me up!

It was a great day, full of heroes and their beautiful children! I have to say I had more fun at this childrens' books signing than I have had at any romance book signing. I'm sure it has to do with the happy kids I had the pleasure of meeting and signing books for on that chilly Saturday. Makes me want to write more kid books. Talk about some cute readers! And my kids had a blast meeting them and helping out too!

If you'd like to donate a book to the children of our Fallen Warriors at Snowball Express 2014, go to my website to donate at or to Tennessee's website
HERE! 100% of donations go to gift the children of Snowball Express with a book of hope and survival!

Have a blessed day! My cup runneth over! ~Alisha Paige


Cathy McElhaney said...

Sounds like you had a great day! I wish we could have made it!

Alisha said...

Wish you could have been there too, Cathy! Missed you since we both missed Pilates on Saturday! Wahhhh! LOL! Hugs!