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Etienne D'Artagnan Interview and Excerpt!

I'm thrilled to interview Etienne D'Artagnan on my blog today! Welcome, Etienne! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to stop by and chat!

A: Can you tell us a little bit about your childhood?

E: I was born in Paris. My father was a minor Embassy worker so I grew up all over the world, moving post to post.

A: Wow! If only we could all see the world at such a young age. Favorite memories?

E: There are so many...But making love with my Margaret the first time on my hoseboat stands out.

A: Ooooh la la! Tell us about the hero and heroine in your latest release.

E: When Dessah Ssyn arrives on Earth all he wants to do is carry out his assignment and get home before his Chara cycle begins and all he can think about is sex. He is a bit of a snob and didn’t count on being attracted to Federal Marshal Nevada Cisco, his guide and partner while on Earth or the strong feelings he’s developing for Sophie Gibson, the woman Nevada is assigned to protect.

Nevada Cisco isn’t that pleased with his new assignment, babysitting a witness and an alien. Until he meets Desah Ssyn, and his world is turned upside down. Soon his orders to cooperate with the alien take on a whole new meaning.

For Sophie, the only witness in a major drug case, being in protective custody isn't so bad. She's more than happy to have the protection when the criminals come after her. And when the two men protecting you are gorgeous and one of them is an alien in heat, how can any earth born woman deny the call of the alien's Chara time. Or for that matter, how can any earth born man?

A: Oh my! (Fanning myself frantically!) If you were granted three wishes by a genie, what would they be?

E: I would wish for health and happiness for all my friends and loved ones, and to always be with Margaret and Sheldon.

A: If you could go anywhere to tomorrow, where would you go?

E: I would visit my friends and fellow writers in the States.

A: If you could see anyone tomorrow (dead or alive), who would it be?

E: I would like to see if Helen of Troy was truly as beautiful as the stories claim.

A: If you could choose six people to spend one week on a desert island, who would it be and why?

E: Well, Margaret and Sheldon of course. My friends Penny Ash and Jade Morrison who both write wonderful stories, and Santana Smith another writer friend. And would my Muffin count? She certainly thinks she is a person.

A: What word or phrase tingles in all the right places for you?

E: Oh my...I suppose that would be "Come to bed."

A: Mmmmm...nice one. If you had one day to spoil yourself, what would you do?

E: I would spend an entire day shopping for books.

A: If you could change one incident in your life, what would it be and how would you change it?

E: I don't think there is anything that I would change really, unless it it would be to have begun writing earlier.

A: What’s the sexiest thing a woman has ever done for you or said to you or both?

E: Ohh, Margaret would kill me if I told.

A: Snicker! Thank you for visiting my blog today, Etienne!

An Excerpt: In Alien Arms

When Desah Ssyn arrives on Earth the attraction between himself and the two humans he must work with triggers his mating cycle early. Nevada Cisco and Sophie Gibson are about to teach one superior alien the true meaning of love. Their relationship will rock their worlds.

Protective custody never felt so good.

Desah Ssyn Arrives on Earth

The view from the observation deck was pleasant. Not as pretty as home but still nice to look at. I picked up my travel bag and sighed. Earth. Newly contacted and still very much a frontier world. This is it, too late to back out now. Maybe my quarry, Chak Enif, would do something stupid like try to get me first and I could just shoot him and be done with it. Save everyone a lot of trouble all the way around.

I thought over my orders as I walked down the ramp. Carry out the sentence of death on Chak Enif for drug trafficking and murder. Work with the native authorities but don’t give them any more information than they needed. Simple, they were fairly primitive, after all. I stepped out into what felt like spoo soup. What passed for air here was thick with water and the Universe only knew what else. I sneezed. Earth smelled funny.

Humans looked like us, like Ke Mira, though I thought the ones I had seen weren’t as pleasing to look at as we were. At least until I saw Federal Marshal Nevada Cisco. My local guide, escort, spy, whatever--was waiting by one of the four wheeled transportation vehicles they called a car. He was a little taller than me, slightly heavier build too. I silently wished that I could get clothes to fit me the way his white shirt and black pants fit him. I had never been very muscular and my pale grey tunic and leggings just hung on me.

I kept my expression neutral as I walked toward him, watching for his reaction. There weren’t many of the Ke Mira people on Earth, mostly just diplomatic bureaucrats. And a few criminals of course. Like the one I was here to eliminate. I stopped in front of him and he smiled faintly.

“Good evening,” he said. “Welcome to Earth.” His voice sent shivers down my spine, the deep tone and soft accent promised wonderful dark things. I chastised myself mentally, I should never have accepted an assignment so close to Chara. The peak of my sexual cycle would begin in about six Earth days. Hopefully I’d be finished by then.

“Thank you,” I said. I had been briefed on cultural politeness as part of my preparations for this mission and given the standard treatment for language. Neural splicing is not a fun way to acquire knowledge but it is effective. Well worth the nausea and blinding headaches if it let me converse with this beautiful creature.

Etienne Michel D’Artagnan has lived all over the world and is currently living on a barge on the Seine. His dream is to live on a starship and travel the galaxy with his lover and his dog Muffin. He loves to hear from readers who like his stories and can be reached at

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