Monday, February 2, 2009

Romancing February....Love is in the Air!

I've always loved Valentine's Day. I love roses and chocolate and love to be pampered on Valentine's Day. Even as a little girl, my daddy brought me home flowers, chocolate and little stuffed animals. Here's a picture of my sweet daddy!

I remember one Valentine's Day, he had to take me to the doctor with a horrible ear infection. We stopped off at the drug store on the way home to pick up my RX and he bought me some Valentine treats. So, you see, it started early for me. I've always felt special on Heart Day so I always expected my boyfriends to do the same. It wasn't as if they weren't warned ahead of time either..ha ha. My highschool boyfriend was my first husband...uh...yeah, I said first...snicker....and he was pretty darn good at remembering roses, taking me out to dinner and buying me jewelry even. That was about ALL he was good at.

My one true Valentine is my husband, Michael.

He blows my highschool boyfriend/ex-hubby out of the water. You see, we met because he lived next door to me and his car broke down one day. I offered to give him a ride to work. He declined the ride to work but asked if he could have a lift to the auto parts store. After dropping my daughter off at daycare, I drove him to Autozone and then back home so he could fix his car. I went to work and a couple of weeks later, he brings me a bottle of wine. Thank you wine. That bottle of wine started everything. He brought it over on a Friday night after my daughter was in bed. I invited him in to drink it. We talked for hours. About everything. Politics, religion, the war, growing up, music, movies and I realized we had very different views on most topics. He seemed very extreme to me and a little too sure of himself. Silly me though...that kind of arrogance is a big turn on in my book. He was VERY sure of himself. So sure of himself that he decided to kiss me on my sofa. Man! What a kiss! I'll never forget it. Then he asked me out on a date and said it like this..."I want to take you out this weekend. How many days do I get you for?" Huh? He was asking for days? Not one night...he wanted to spend the entire weekend with me. I called my mom the very next morning to see if she could keep my daughter. I had a WEEKEND DATE with a total stranger. A stranger who had lived next door to me for two years. A stranger with long hair and soft lips.

Oh God. Then he got up to leave and we kissed by the door for several minutes. So yummy. He brought a dozen roses to my work for a STRAIGHT WEEK! We'd meet for lunch and drive to parking garages and parks so we could make out. I was 32 but I felt like I was 16. He proposed within six weeks, down on one knee and promised to always love me and take care of me. We've had two beautiful babies together and my oldest daughter loves being a big sister. He's working out of town this Valentine's Day but we'll all go see him. I have to have my kisses and the kids will take him his homemade cards. I hope you spend Valentine's Day with the ones you love and cherish one another.

~Happy Valentine's Day!


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Skhye said...

Awwwwwwwwww, Alisha. That's a great story. Thanks for sharing.

Liana Laverentz said...

How sweet....sounds like a keeper!

housemouse88 said...

My funny valentine is my live-in boyfriend of almost 7 years. We have had our ups and downs, but through everything we have each other. A little over 4 years ago, we lost everything in a fire. Needless to say that first Valentine was tight financially. Jr, my boyfriend, made dinner that night and actually did the dishes as my present. It was more special than all the roses and chocolates in the world. Thanks for the contest.

Debra St. John said...

Alisha, that is the sweetest story ever. How romantic.

P.L. Parker said...

He leaned around a post at the bar, this tall, dark-haired man with sparkling chocolate eyes. He asked me to dance and we've been dancing together for 19 years. He is my best friend and my forever love.


Alisha said...

Oooooooooh, I'm getting some great love stories already and it's not even 9 am here in Texas. Bring 'em on, girls! And guys, if you're out there!

Skhye, you never told me how you met your sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Awwww!!! This was the sweetest story! Just goes to show... the best things in life are right under our noses, aren't they? :) :)

mamabear said...
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mamabear said...

Well, mine is going to be a little see, even though my hubby is the love of my life, my Valentine is my first born who will turn 23 this Valentine's Day! Money was really tight back then and Valentine's Day fell between since he was due in 10 days anyway, my little Valentine decided to make his entrance and make the day all about him! LOL!
My hubby is not romantic in that he buys flowers or candy or anything like that, I knew that when I married him. It's the little the Steeler cake he made me for the Super Bowl! Now that is love! LOL!
Yours is a great story Alisha! And your hubby is even better looking in person!;)

Alisha said...

Nan, you are SO RIGHT! Thanks for stopping by!

Thank you Debra, Skhye and Liana for stopping by!

What a wonderful story, Housemouse! I'd say that's about as good as it gets!

Hey, Mamabear...what a beautiful story! That's the best Valentine present ever! Tell him Happy Birthday for me!

Oooh yes and Michael is so dang sexy in person isn't he? He still makes me go all gah gah gooey inside. Sigh.

Regina Carlysle said...

Ahhh I loooove this story, Alisha! Gotta love a self assured man who understands romance but never loses all that Alpha appeal.

Love the pic of your dad. I lost my special valentine 13 yrs ago. My dad was the heart of my heart and I miss him every day.

I've been with my other Valentine for 26 yrs and no, he's not the gooshy type but sometimes he'll surprise the stuffing out of me with something special right out of the blue. I met him the night after I'd graduated from college. My sister and I hit a local hot spot and the place was packed. Finally we stopped at a table that was littered with empty glasses. Looked up and saw this great looking guy leaning against the wall. He looked like a young Marlon Brando and I caught my breath. I smiled and he smiled back. He said...I don't think anyone is sitting there. I got all sassy and said...well, they are now. Want to join us? That was IT. Two months later we married and have been together ever since.

Alisha said...

Ahhhhh, Reg. Daddy is always our first Valentine. The bond between Dadddy and his baby girl is so special.

I love the story about you and David. Very hot!!!!! I can just see you and your sassy self and those beautiful blue eyes of yours.

Hugs and big love to my BFF!

Tessa Rae said...

When I was in my twenties, I warned my friends, "Never date a guy you meet in a bar."

So now when I describe where I met my hubby of 14 years, I use the euphemism 'dance hall'. It sounds so much better than 'bar', doesn't it?

He asked my beautiful, blonde and busty friend to dance first- a fact which I never allow him to forget. She refused him. I said "Yes". A year later I said, "I do."

Alisha, I love your hubby's hair!!!


Nice Girls Play Naughty!

Alisha said...

Hi Tessa! What a great love story...snicker..yes, dance hall sounds much better! I'd never let him live down the fact that he asked your friend to dance first!

Isn't Michael's hair the coolest? That first night on the sofa, we talked about hair products...ha ha!

Thanks for stopping by, Tess! xxoo

Skhye said...

Shhh, Alisha. He was my professor. *snicker* Long story. We dated after I took his classes... ;) REALLY! We even went and told the dean we were going to date.

Alisha said... naughty little school girl...snicker! Did you get an A? Did you do extra credit?

Uh...yeah, I want the whole story. I don't care how long it is....spill the beans, girl.

Ashley Ludwig said...

Alisha, such a lovely blog post - and a true romance. Thank you for sharing...

I love the part about your daddy - because as we all know, a little girl's first love is usually their dad. My 3 yo daughter thinks the sun rises for hers. In my opinion, I have to agree!


Judy said...

Alisha, Great love story!! My DH and I have been married for 40 years and can say we are still very much in love. We met in school of course. I am thankful that I found my true love early.

Alisha said...

Ashley, you're right about Daddy being a girl's first love! My Daddy still makes me feel like his little girl. And my four year old daughter loves her Daddy to pieces! He's been working out of town and we went to see him last weekend. He took us to the zoo and my daughter had to ride on his shoulders the entire time. There's no place better than Daddy's strong shoulders! Thanks for stopping by!

You're very lucky to find your true love so early in life, Judy! My parents met when my mom was 15 and my dad was 16. They went to school together. My dad took her to the movies out on their first date and his money fell through a hole in pocket and into his shoe. He had to take his shoe off to get it. My mom vowed to never go out with him again..ha ha. They had 4 kids together and have been married for 45 years! Thanks for stopping by, Judy!

Martha Eskuchen said...

Hi Alisha! What a nice story about your true love Valentine!..Mine isn't a valentine days story but the love of my life story! I was very lucky with my DH. I had my career first so I was 34 when we met. We met on a Friday evening July 27 at a fund raiser Monte Carlos night ... I was a dealer at one of the tables and I was also the treasurer for the organization. DH was sliding around the room asking his friends about all the ladies. He asked about me and they said I was dating someone but he wasn't there. I actually had just broken up and my friends didn't know that. So Bob came over at the end of the evening and asked me to help him take trash boxes out... turned out they were empty boxes so he was really just trying to meet me! He had the most beautiful blue eyes and a cool cowboy hat! We went out to Dennys with our friends at 2 am for breakfast. The next morning he called me to ask me out and also to remind me that I left the money bag under the seat of his truck - YIKES! He said I did it to make sure he would call me! I had to drive up to the next county where he lived to get the money... and low and behold I discovered he was bald under that hat! Anyway we met again Monday after work and he brought me flowers and asked me to marry him before the night was over! WOW! I said to wait 30 days since I had so recently broken up. So he waited until labor Day and then asked my Dad for my hand. We were married Nov 30 (just 4 months after we met). God blessed us with a boy the next year and a girl the year after that! And here we are 23 years later and he still brings me flowers on unexpected occasions.

Alisha said...

Thanks for stopping by, Martha! I loved your story! Wow..that was one early proposal...ha ha! I remember telling my honey one morning...not long after we met that I would marry him that day. I just knew...just like you and your honey. When you know, you know!

Oooooh and I think bald men are so sexy, don't you? And so are cowboys! Happy Valentine's Day!

Debby said...

I have married to my valentine for almost 32 years.

Allison Presley said...

There's some truth to the 'boy next door' stories, isn't there? Congrats on catching such a gem.

My One-And-Only of 31 years is a true gentleman. Our first married Valentine's Day was 'supposed' to be something special. I planned to make his favorite meal, liver and onions. I had everything on the prepared and on the candle-lit table. We sat down to eat, and the food was inedible. The meat wasn't spoiled but to this day, we both maintain that something was wrong with it. We ended up eating Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that night.

Kytaira said...

Your comment about when your parents meet got me thinking about how different memories of that first meeting can be. My Mom remembers meeting my Dad one single time at a church picnic when she was about 6. He would have been 10. They didn't meet again for a decade. She pointed out the grounds to me and said she wished the church hadn't burned down because she wanted to get married there. He of course can't remember it.

My BF told me she had met my future husband before I even met him. The week prior to meeting him she and I were in the desert partying. The night was winding down and we were sitting by the campfire drinking. We had both been on a *I hate men* kick after bad breakups but were rebounding. She was in a new relationship that was puttering out and was asking me what I wanted in a guy. I described my dream guy (I only vaguely recall this part - too many drinks). About the time we finished, there was this whole slew of falling stars. I selected one. A couple of days later she's telling me she met the guy I desribed. We were stationed in the middle of no where so I thought she was full of it. We got married 10 months later. That was nearly 18 years ago. Of course he barely remembers the night we met since he was already drunk!

He's not especially romantic but has his moments. He chose an engagement right where diamonds are look like flowers with emerald green leaves. He said the emeralds match my eyes.

I researched online why there were so many falling stars at one time. It was part of a meteor shower from a comet that periodically goes by. I can't remember the name anymore but it was an amazing sight. At least 100 falling stars! Guess I was bound to get the right guy!

Alisha said...

Wow, Debby! 32 years! That's wonderful!

I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Eleyne.

Kytaira, I love what your sweetie said about the emeralds matching your eyes and you wishing upon the falling stars. So much so that I've selected you as the winner of one my books. Your choice. Go to to read about my books and make your selection. Email me at when you've decided.

~Thank you to all the bloggers out there for stopping by my little blog and sharing your beautiful stories of love and romance! Happy Valentine's Day!

Big Love,

Skhye said...

Alisha, you wouldn't believe the amount of studying I had to do to make an A in his classes. And I don't mean SEX. I was engaged to and marrying another guy. Then when it didn't work out, divorcing him did. Then I began dating my geek who was perfect for this geek. We've been together since 1993.

Mannnnn, I remember cramming 50 hours before each of those tests. And I was taking 3 other classes at the time! Most of those required the same amount of effort... Divorce did not help. ;)

LadyVampire2u said...

Wonderful post. A great Valentine's Day that I remember with my guy was when he surprised me with a day of romance. A shopping trip for a gift at an exclusive store and eating out at a brand new restaurant. After dinner he persuaded me to walk down the street to a place where they had horse drawn carriages. Renting one, the carriage took us through the park and along some streets as the snow fell like lace all around us. And just when I didn't think things could get more romantic, he asked me to marry him. If was a awesome Valentine's Day.
On a side note, I wanted to let you know that I tagged you on my blog over at .

Alisha said...

Skhye, you crack me up! I'm glad it worked out with the!

Wow, Lady Vamp! That is one beautiful Valentine's! Talk about perfect! With snow even! Thanks for tagging me, doll!

Michele Hart said...

Michael and you make the cutest couple, Alisha. And I love the story of your first meeting. Your dad sounds fantastic.


Alisha said...

Thanks for stopping by my sweet sister, Michele! Hugs and love to you and your mom on Valentine's Day!