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An Interview with Vex Savaker...Oooh La La!

Hey all you Wicked Blog Hoppers! I'm working on deadline this week so I had my good friend step in for me today. See you next week! ~Alisha

My name is Sha-Sha Snow. Thanks, Alisha for giving me this opportunity to blog at Wicked Thorn and Roses today. See, I’m an avid reader too and I love to interview my favorite characters. I’m in London now, sipping latte on a sidewalk cafĂ©, interviewing Special Detective for The Metropolitan Police, Vex Savaker, featured in Alisha Paige’s Nocturnally Vexed.

Sha-sha: Good morning, Mr. Savaker. You have a rather interesting ancestry.

Vex: Good morning, Sha-Sha. Call me Vex. I’m King of the Orgulocks, originating from Xurath.

Sha-Sha: Orgulocks? Xurath?

Vex: *deep chuckle* Aye. Xurath is a black planet, void of light, in another dimension. All blood suckers and shifter-rapts were created there by two lesser gods, Folog and Garmut. My clan, the Orgulocks are hybrids, half blood sucker/half shifter-rapt.

Sha-Sha: But haven’t the blood suckers and shifter-rapts been at war forever?

Vex: They have, my lady, but my father, Cole was captivated by an orphaned shifty, my mother, Zephyria. She’d been banished because of her uncommon beauty.

Sha-sha: So, the pairing resulted in the Orgulocks as we know them today?

Vex: It did indeed. My father was a very powerful blood sucker, the leader of his clan. They’re union changed everything on dark Xurath.

Sha-sha: Let me get this straight. You’re a vampire AND a shape-shifter?

Vex: Absobloodylutely! Except the correct term is blood sucker and shifter-rapt. Vamps and shapeshifters are only found in fiction.

Sha-sha: And you’re not fictional?

Vex: You’re here talking to me, aren’t you? Do I look real enough?

Sha-sha: Hmmm…can I touch?

Vex: *Laughs out loud* Go ahead.

Sha-sha: Mmm…nice biceps. You feel pretty solid to me.

Vex: *Sniffs the air* Good, you’re safe.

Sha-Sha: I beg your pardon?

Vex: From Jack.

Sha-Sha: Jack?

Vex: Aye. Jack the Ripper.

Sha-Sha: Whoa! Wait! Jack killed over 100 years ago. Are you saying he’s back?

Vex: He’s back.

Sha-Sha: You’re a man of few words, Vex. Good to know but how can you be sure I’m safe?

Vex: I sniffed ya. You’re clean…er…were clean…actually you’ve been sullied up a offense, miss, but I can tell you’ve…er….had men.

Sha-Sha: *Laughs nervously* Are you saying you can smell my virginity or lack of virgin snow, rather?

Vex: *Nods and grins* Orgulocks have ultra sensory powers. A most useful tool in dark Xurath. Here too. The law enforcement agencies love the services we offer. That’s why I’m working on the modern day Jack the Ripper case. I think he’s a shifty.

Sha-Sha: That would explain why he eluded the authorities all those years ago. Is it the same guy?

Vex: We know it’s the same guy. We have DNA evidence to prove it. He left a hair in the wax he sealed a letter to the police back in 1888 and we have DNA from his recent killings. They’re one and the bloody same.

Sha-Sha: Wow! But I still don’t understand why I’m safe.

Vex: You’re not a virgin. Jack is after virgins this go around.

Sha-Sha: Virgins? But he killed prostitutes in the 1800’s.

Vex: Aye. I believe he’s doing the exact opposite this time.

Sha-Sha: In order to fool the police?

Vex: Either that or for his sick kicks.

Sha-Sha: Just one more question before you go, Vex. And it’s an icky one.

Vex: Shoot.

Sha-sha: Do you feast on humans in order to survive?

Vex: I’m no blood sucker. I’m no shifter-rapt. I’m an Orgulock. We have evolved into greater creatures, keeping the better qualities of each species, honing our skills in order to survive and thrive, both here and on Xurath. Sometimes I do feast on female humans, though.

Sha-sha: Oh?

Vex: Only if they ask me too.

You can find out more about Vex and the Orgulocks by reading Nocturnally Vexed!

Click Here to View the Trailer for Nocturnally Vexed

Alisha Paige


MarthaE said...

Thanks Sha-Sha for filling in! That was really an interesting interview! If I hadn't already been interested in Nocturnally Vexed, I would be now. Definitely on my TBB and TBR lists!!!

Alisha Paige said...

Thanks for stopping by, Martha. Let me know if you read my book and how you liked it!