Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Reviewer Looking for Great Books To Review and Authors to Interview!

My friend, Barb used to review books for a major review house. She's created her own site to review books and needs some great books to review. Before I knew her, she reviewed two of my books and really knows her stuff. She reads all genres of romance, including erotica and BDSM (I think shes really loves these..*giggle*) so fill up her request box!

FYI~ Barb loves Cosmos...probably more than anyone ever in the history of the world! So send her a virtual Cosmo when you request your review! She'll get a good laugh out of it!

She also loves to do author interviews! So if you'd like Barb to review your book or if you'd like to request an author interview, send her a request via her website. The request form is at the bottom of her home page.


Happy Writing and Reading!


mazzuc said...

Thanks so much for the great shout out!! You are a dear friend. And hey lets not forget to tell your fans to look for the great interview from you at my site. I had so much fun with it I think they might enjoy reading it. My daughter read it and said to me, "Mom she just seems like such a nice person. I can almost imagine what her voice sounds like". *grin*

abitosunshine said...

Hi Alisha!

I'm a Reviewer for Reviews4Reviews.com and would love to add your titles to my reading & reviewing list.

Blessings & a bit o' sunshine!

Alisha Paige said...

Love you, Barb! I know Risque Reviews will be a huge success!

Hi, Ruthi! I'd love for you to review my books! :)

abitosunshine said...

Alisha... I'm sending you a private email in just a few moments!