Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm Gonna Get Some Nookie!

Tee hee! Okay, I couldn't resist the little word play there. My very best friend in the entire world, fellow writer and sister muse, Michele Hart is sending me my very own ereader! A Nook! That's right, folks...I'm gettinng some serious nookie!

Have you ever had one of those friends who would never leave you hanging? The kind of girl who you could call at midnight if you needed a good cry? You know she'd listen and more than that, she'd truly care. I have three brothers and always wanted a sister. I met Michele when we wrote stories for the Muse Anthology for The Wild Rose Press. And there, I met my adopted sister! A sister for life! Greeks rock! They have awesome wine, cheese, humus and dolmas and they sent me my sister!

Michele's birthday was yesterday. Her sweet mom ordered her a nook for her birthday...hey...we all know a nookie isn't cheap, right? Well, Michele just couldn't bear the thought of having a nook and me not having one so she ordered me one! Our nookies are on our way to both our homes now! Her nookie is headed for Florida and mine is headed for Texas.

You'd think an epubbed author would own an ereader, right? You'd be surprised how many of us still do not own an ereader. But many of us are just now buying them, especially since the ereader has greatly improved. I know I will love it. Last time I went to B&N, I was gazing at one with longing and touching it like a rare diamond. Sigh. Now I will soon have my very own! Weeeeeee! Thank you, Michele! I love you!

Also, I've been told and have read that ereaders took off in China way before they took off here in the states and the UK. I've noticed lately that I have a few Chinese fans! How thrilled I was to see Chinese commenters on my blog! Please, please, introduce yourselves in a comment. I'd love to get to know you all. Let me know what you like to read. Tell me about yourself. And thank you, thank you for reading my books!

Keep Reading,
Alisha Paige


mamabear said...

I bought my ereader a few months ago, but I bought the Kindle. I love it! The only reason I chose the Kindle over the Nook was that I can download books from anywhere and they had a larger selection of books. I had a problem with my Kindle and got awesome customer service from Amazon. They over nighted me a new one and were very pleasant.
I know you will enjoy the Nook! And so will Michele! You 2 are my favorite authors!

Michele Hart said...

You're TOTALLY worth it, sister!

Love and hugs,

Skhye said...

How cool! You'll love it. I'm addicted to mine. Watch the sales at BN.com... I bought loads of stuff when the e-books were 64% off! LOL They seem to be behind posting new releases though. :( Sometimes I think I should have bought a Kindle because of that!!! But the Nook is so much nicer than the Sony e-reader. Have fun with yours and check the free books once a week. ;)

Regina Carlysle said...

YAY!!!! I have NOOKIE TOO. LOL. Got one a few months ago and I love it. You will too.