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M. Patrick Watson and Lazarus Slade ~ A Modern American Poet and Works of the Master

I'm very excited to have one hell of a writer on my blog today! M. Patrick Watson, also writing as Lazarus Slade is one of those guys who always has your back. Funny, sweet, charming, strong, and romantic; the kind of girl everyone dreams of and the kind of writer who brings it all to the table. Please welcome him to my blog today. He's talking about perseverance, something we all need. And for a special treat, enjoy the excepts I chose from his new releases.


The easiest advice to give, is the hardest advice to take, especially when it comes to writing.

Persevere, dream every dream, but dreaming alone will bring you nothing, each dream becomes a goal to work for, to strive for, to make real.

Every successful author I have ever asked for advice, be they wildly successful or simply have been published, each of them gives me the same advice, “Just write”

“Easy for them to say” I'd think to myself, disgruntled that yet again the magic key to success as a writer wasn't laid in the palm of my hand. Writing without inspiration, writing without motivation, writing when you feel down, when you feel stressed, when you feel tired or angry, it's just HARD.

But the simple truth is, regardless of what you write, one genre or many, the only way to get to a point of critical mass is to write, over and over, you might throw away a months worth of words at a time, but eventually, in time, and it may take years, it will happen, some spark will catch and when it does, wildfire!

I write poetry, horror, erotica, romance, fantasy and biographical works, and I tell you, sitting down, without a clear idea, without a plot point or a character or even just a theme to follow, is one of the singularly most difficult things I have ever set myself to do. But, I have gotten to the point where I write, daily, I hate most of it, but now and then, I'll find something worth saving, to work over, expand on or use as inspiration for an entirely different idea that sprouts.

I am not a fully published author yet, by no means, but I am selling books, e-books, as a self publisher, but it's a beginning, and some of the most amazing success stories have much humbler beginnings than that. Spend time with other writers, share ideas, tips, learn from them what you can, and teach them what you can in return, these relationships will serve you well throughout your career, writers are an odd sort, but once we find like minds, we stick together through thick and thin.

So, if writing is your dream, if the written word is your brush, a blank page your canvas and language your palette, then sit down, clear some time each day, and write.

Keep dreaming your dreams, and with each word you write or type or dictate, you come a little closer to making that dream real.

My dreams are starting to be a reality for me, and soon, I will have all I dreamed of and more, I just feel the momentum building, but you can't build momentum if you don't move, so, I say it one more time, because it will always be true, “Just write.”

Ode to Woman by M. Patrick Watson, taken from the collection, A Modern American Poet

You watch her carefully, the way the fabric of her clothes glides over her skin, the way the lines of her body contort and sway as she moves with that effortless grace. Her beauty is subtle yet stunning, she turns your head then moves your heart. Her body is the perfect expression of divine femininity, lean and strong, but soft and full, curving and supple, her curves flair sensually, drawing you into the contours of her body. She makes you realize why ancient pagans believed that a woman was a mans path to god, through the one act that allows we mere mortals to have the power of a god and create a life, through sex do man and woman truly bring themselves to the power of the divine.

She seduces you with her calm confidence, her soft smile, the dancing mirth in her deep alluring eyes. She sees you watching and her cheeks color softly, she drops her eyes but not before you see that she's more pleased than embarrassed. Her full lips purse up into a demure smile as she composes herself and lifts her eyes to meet yours openly, accepting your interest and returning it. She tilts her head exposing the line of her neck, offering her skin to you, her pulse thrumming and strong, she smiles and watches your eyes dance over her.

She is beauty embodied, she is the keeper of humanity's soul, within her lies the womb from which all life springs, her strength sustains us, her wisdom guides us and her compassion heals us.

She is our balance, her gentle care, her patience and wisdom, her passion and strength. Without her we are mere mortals, angry and uncivilized. In the perfect union of man and woman lies the key to all things. In the balance of masculine and feminine is the one truth that will never change.

A Modern American Poet for Your Nook

A Modern American Poet for Your Kindle

Excerpt from short story, Primal, taken from Works of the Master by Lazarus Slade

He stalks the club for prey like a lion on a dark night in the savannah. His senses heightened, eyes scanning the crowd, scenting the air with his tongue, casting for the tingle of power and passion that sets his hunger aflame.
Like a secret kept within her soul the scent dances across his taste buds, saliva flowing, nostrils flaring to pull more of her scent in, she's close but careful, this prey is power, sensuality and savagery hidden beneath pretext and protocol.
His eyes slow their scan and begin to consume the form of each woman near him, drinking in their posture and bearing, small details that give away hidden truths, displays of strength and confidence in movements and gestures, each woman a complex puzzle revealing some details and obscuring others.
He stops as his eyes find his prey, she is thick and round but her body is firm and hard, full of strength and power.
Her back is erect and proud, her shoulders back, breasts proudly displayed. She moves in small motions but each movement is confident, strong and concise. Her eyes look into the eyes of each person she addresses, there is no demure looking down or away, she does not challenge with her eyes, but she does speak of her own place clearly and undeniably, yes, this is his prey, without question.
She is fragile feminine beauty coalesced with the power and strength of the primal goddess, mother to us all. Dark hair flows like a stream of onyx down the sleek muscled lines of her neck and shoulders, soft curls bouncing gently across the top of her back. Her eyes are deep warm walnut brown, inviting and compassionate with the heat of passion dancing in their depths for a man with the reach to grasp it. Her body is a poem of sex and power, muscles ripple and flow beneath voluptuous feminine curves, she is compact and solid.
He licks his lips, allowing her scent and taste to drift into his nose and mouth, she tastes of smoke, amber, musk, beeswax and rose petals, beneath the perfumed oil lies the woman, sex, power, confidence and hunger.
A smile slowly dances across his cold dark face as the anticipation of the hunt grows warm within him.
His sites set, a calm settles over the blazing hunger roaring for satiation within his soul, he strides towards his prey openly, wanton expression of sex upon his face, eyes cold and hard betraying a darker intent than mere innuendo filled flirtation. Her body tenses with subconscious alarm at his approach, she has not seen him yet but she is aware and on guard.
Their eyes meet through the crowd, he smiles his devils smile, teeth showing, hunger and intent clear in his eyes, she meets his gaze steadily, an open acceptance of the challenge he cast to her.
The gap between them closes and they are now within each others space, their auras mixing and sparking, tension building thick and heady between them.
He leans in close letting their body heat intensify and mingle, their scents mixing into a heady brew of sex and aggression, whispering "Tonight you shall be claimed"
Her eyes seek his, she has a bemused smile on her face "Better have made the attempt and here I still stand, unclaimed." Her lips curl into a mocking sneer of a smirk.
"You have an odd calculation of a mans worth, calling those that have failed where I will succeed better, but then everyone is entitled to be wrong kitten." his condescension visibly rankling her.

Her lips parted, voice a vitriol filled hiss issuing forth but before she could speak his hand was on the back of her neck pulling her towards him, her parted lips pressed hard against his mouth in a ferocious kiss, he pulled her away quickly as he felt her teeth begin to clamp down in a flesh rending bite before she could tear his bottom lip off.

Works of the Master for Your Nook
Works of the Master for Your Kindle


Mad Mind Of Mike said...

Feel free to ask me anything, critique my writing or just engage in a long rambling conversation.

So happy to be offered the chance to guest blog for Alisha, an amazing friend and tremendous author, she's definitely one of my inspirations!

Alisha said...

**Hugs** to you, Mike. So happy you are guest blogging today. Please come back often and share your beautiful poetry and delicious short stories. I've always been a huge fan of yours. Thrilled today that I get my Mike fix. Your work is my crack rock. Crave it, love it, savor it. I was thinking it would be sexy to read your short stories to a certainly know how to set a mood. Wine, sexy music and your fiction...yum. xxoo

Mad Mind Of Mike said...

Hmmmm maybe I should release my erotica as an audio book as well.

Alisha said...

Wow! That is an EXCELLENT idea! It would fly off the shelves! And you could promo the hell out of it around Valentine's Day! Perfect gift for a lover!'re no longer thinking of doing this. You're DOING IT! You have to! I'm all giggly now!

Mad Mind Of Mike said...

LOL Works Of The Master Audio Book... underway.

Alisha said...

Hurry up! :)~

Sky Purington said...

Wow, can you write! Very impressive! I'm considering going the self-pub'd route as well. Hearing good things about it.

Wishing you much success and many, many sales! :-)

Mad Mind Of Mike said...

Self publishing gives you more freedom and good exposure, it's a great place to wedge your foot in the door.

Skhye said...

#1-- Excellent advice.

#2-- Wow! You definitely have a way with words.

Wishing you success! But you won't need good wishes when people hear your voice!


Regina Carlysle said...

Mike, I'm so sorry I'm behind in coming over to read your beautiful work. Please forgive. Your thoughts writing are simply perfect. Over the years I've heard others discuss their promotion plans, finding agents, blah blah and it drives me crazy when I know they aren't WRITING. You have to have something to actually PROMOTE, right? You have to actually write the book you feel you must have an agent for. I just don't get that. The most important thing to do if we want to be a writer is to simply write. Some days the words just aren't there. At least that's what we thing. But they are. We're born with them. We just have to find a way to dig them out.

I love your writing! Simply love it. Beautiful and evocative.

mamabear said...

I think Skhye said it all! Love the poem and excerpt! (yeah Alisha, I'm a little late here, but my life is in complete chaos right now!)
The advice was timely...I love to write, have idea's but no time to write them. I do need to make myself write even 1 sentence a day because I feel frustrated and held back! Thanks Mike! You have a lot of talent and I look forward to reading more!

Mad Mind Of Mike said...

Thank you all for your kind words.

A pat on the back is always a nice thing to get.

Hywela Lyn said...

Hi Alisha and Patrick

Sorry to be late - I have two email accounts and only just got round to checking the one with your message Alisha! :)

Patrick, I love your 'voice' you truly hve a way with words!

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