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Skhye Moncrief's Psychic Werewolves Rock!

Sexual espionage never got any deadlier! Book 2: FERAL FLAW

Psychic werewolves are saving the universe. And they're recruiting...

Read chapter 1 Skhye Moncrief Books to learn how to avoid being inducted into the war!

Of course, you might be gungho about joining the Blood Wars...
Do you have what it takes to become an elite were-assassin? Run through this checklist to determine if you've got the right stuff to keep Earth safe from the evil emperor's reign of mind control:

1. Are you into that legendary conflict between werewolves and vampires?
2. Do you think--deep down inside in an intuitive, rather instinctual way--that something is going to happen on Winter Solstice 2012? (You aren't alone. Many cultures around the world think something's going down... And the universe's free thinkers are determined to see it doesn't happen.)
3. Can you read minds, levitate objects, remote view, heal with your touch, sense truth with your gut, etc.?
4. Have you been told you are ADHD or a labeled a Violet Child?
5. Have you experienced lost time or alien-abduction nightmares?
6. Are you drawn to blood as if the substance somehow inherently exuded power?
7. Are you into Gothic anything?

If you answer yes to any of these points, read up on the Blood Wars.


As the Blood Wars between psychic werewolves and vampires continue, Commander Goro’s deepest desire, his love, his promised mate, is taken from him in the worst possible manner. He learns she’s given birth to his arch enemy’s child, a deadly rumor for both his honor and her life. If he discovers she’s a sex spy, he’ll have to kill her. Now they must mate to disprove the rumor of sexual espionage. Although he’d postponed that moment of divine completion bonding their bodies through mystic sex and blood exchange to safeguard her from the treacherous game of manipulation—a game he and his intended play with everyone aboard his starship, he has no choice but to mate. Just one problem stands in his way…

Psychokinetic earthling Crazy Darla, manipulator extraordinaire unequaled by none other than Goro, realizes the only way to survive the rumored lie is to run for her life. But there was always something more in her motives than fantasies of delicious sex with the man she’s craved for years. Even though those motives felt carnal. Something else, pure and, perhaps, metaphysical haunted her. Perhaps in his goddess, Destiny? She had to believe in those feelings of love. But to trust is to show weakness in handing over one’s fate to another who just might ritually disembowel you.

Who is playing whom in the battle of masterminds? Sexual espionage never got any deadlier. With the secret baby, bounty hunters, an entrancing crystal, and a space opera between werewolves and vampires forcing Goro and Darla into dark secluded corners, pushing them into carnal sexual interludes and dangerous blood exchanges fueled by the frenzied blood lust of were-mates, the future holds both promises and lies in the psychic war. And one wrong move means you’ve succumbed to the deadliest thing in the universe, your FERAL FLAW.

Excerpt: (heroine detained as slave on slaver ship)

Another blast thundered.

Shrapnel shot across the room.

Bits flew between the bars of my cell like a dust cloud mushrooming to choke oxygen from the space. The billowing debris spat out a dark male humanoid with long flowing black hair.

In the way he clubbed the Crellons, nobody needed to guess whether he was a Crellon himself. Unless he was a jilted lover. Now, that was a possibility. Who else would enter this sexually-transmitted-disease-coated tub without disinfectant? This disgusting spacecraft had to be tagged with some sort of marking that warned normal extraterrestrials to stay away or risk infection.

All the Crellons stopped moving where they were sprawled out on the floor.

Were they dead? Three cheers for the humanoid tank.

The warrior with the long hair disarmed the Crellon bodies, taking objects similar to the one that I held, then hunted around the control panel beyond the whirling smoke tendrils.

My creaking cell door popped open.

Does he know I’m here or my identity? Was he releasing me or capturing me to exchange for the bounty? In the end, nothing could be worse than being captive by Crellons.

The man turned to me and walked lazily through the lingering haze he’d created.

Step by casual step. All muscles.

Something about him looked familiar. Maybe it was the way he walked. Or his mercenary-style black leather?

“You’re free, Darla.”

That deep patient almost threatening whisper of a voice sent chills down my spine. Like I thought I’d ever hear Goro speak again.

My heart hammered as I stared at the strangely improved Goro. He was unbelievably gorgeous. Wild. And he’d blown his way aboard to save me. Or to recapture me to return me to The Cause for trial as a traitor. He’d beaten the Crellons unconscious in the process. What do I do? Run? Or kiss him for saving me? How am I going to keep from throwing my arms around him?

He strode to the cell’s entrance and halted.

And stared. He was so different now. So uninhibited with his long hair. Without his standard black jacket-like cape, in his leather vest and pants he was equally formidable. Rugged.

My knees wobbled.

Take care, Darla. He’s trouble. There’s a good half of the universe out there questioning your allegiance. But this beastly barbarian was much more than the neatly-suited commander. What else had changed? “Goro?”
He nodded.

Just once was all he chose to gift me. Enough to see those orange eyes from a different angle. The same smoldering eyes sparking with fire. Just whose cause had he come to rescue me for? Who could turn away from the sheen on his sweaty muscles and the fireworks in his eyes? What a barbarian on steroids.

He could drag me anywhere by the hair.

Why did take me now block every thought in my mind? Crazy Darla, think of something to save my ass. “So much time had passed. I figured I had been left to the Crellons. Especially after the rumor started.”

“Come out, Darla. We must leave now.”

What a temptation magnet. But this ship was so n-a-s-t-y. Entering the realm of STDs was far more risky than patiently awaiting death by starvation isolated in a lovely somewhat-sterile cell. And who knew how deadly extraterrestrial STDs were.

His black eyebrows flat lined. “We won’t be staying. I want to lock these fools up before we depart though. So, please clear the containment cell.”

He sounded so normal. But his unruly look would do me in. What else can I do? I’ve got to play along and wait for another window of opportunity. Be smart. Stay on my toes. I strode through the bars, careful not to touch anything, and stepped through a layer of crunching ship pieces covering the floor until I stood beside the hole where the door he blasted away once opened and closed.

The sound of dragging bodies whispered how Goro stashed the Crellon lovers in their very own precious honeymoon cabin.

Oh to bolt to my pod fighter and get the heck out of this crab-infested-venereal-disease nightmare. Wherever the spacecraft was. After waking up from the sleeping gas incident behind bars, leaving the containment area never proved wise. I have no idea where my pod fighter was.

Goro did. He knew all about this universe. The man was my ticket back home. But what did he want? And why the change in hairstyles all of a sudden? Did he hit some crazy phase of life where men from his world sprout long locks?

Oh to run my fingers through the symbol of his new phase of life. I almost turned to read clues in his facial expression. But then I’d have to struggle with my renewed attraction to him. Not good since I just needed to climb up through the deepest rungs of Hell to find my way back to Earth. Or some kind of normalcy.

And nothing about Goro looked normal. He needed to just grab me by the ponytail. Drag me off. Take advantage of me. Goro now had the raw appearance of a man with no inhibitions. Thank the stars he grew up. And who didn’t want a big tough guy ready to defend or pounce her? That’s if he intended to pounce. I’ve got to play this game right. Whether Goro believes it or not, I still have my virginity bartering chip. And this hunk of a genius knew how to use a pod fighter.

Brains, brawn, and sex appeal.

What a hero.

Look out, universe. I get a chance at him first. Okay, maybe a second chance. And he probably knows where my pod fighter is.

A clank noted the cell door’s lock was engaged.

Goro’s form halted beside me, in the doorframe.

Correction, inside the blast-hole’s edge of raw sharp metal. If Goro wasn’t careful, he’d scratch up all those bulging arm muscles. Talk about a tragedy when all a girl wanted to do was rub her palms over all of that hot supple iron. Mold it into a new groaning moaning twisted mass of uncontrolled cooperative male.

Oh the power of a few dirty movies. I was such an impressionable teen.

“Let’s take the pod fighters, Darla. Command yours to match my moves. I don’t want to lose you again.”

Yeah. Yeah. Don’t lose the emperor’s dream babe. He still talked like a commander. Hopefully Conan wanted me as much as Voldon did. I followed Goro’s shadow in the low level lighting.

“How long has it been?” I asked.

He headed through a narrow empty passageway toward a hatch. “Three earth months.”

An entire season? Geesh, talk about imprisonment. And now I’ve been saved by Conan. Or was I? Pay attention self. He didn’t react thrilled to see me at all.

Just what does he want with me?

Goro led me into a docking bay where our pod fighters waited.

He had said next to nothing. “Where are we going?”

He shot me a curious glance.

“Why are you rescuing me?”

“You are my responsibility.” He just waited, staring at me, the formidable killing machine.

That stern jaw line. Those scrutinizing eyes. His wild hair. He just stood there.

My knees quaked as my core melted.

If this ain’t one-hundred percent possession, what is? Responsibility rang a good solid motive to cough up though. But just what did responsibility refer to? Am I his responsibility to return to The Cause because I’ve been labeled a traitor?

Buying into the packaging of a man that made me run into danger while my knees liquefied was nuts. But he was so off-the-scale gorgeous now. If he’d just insist on having sex. If he’d just take what he had claimed to desire all those years. If only he’d give me that one chance to exchange blood and attach my soul to his for eternity.

Lord, I’m losing my mind. Now apparently wasn’t the time for ifs or opening up a direct line to God to confess my flaws. I blinked, pushed the secret button on my pod fighter to open the hatch, and climbed into the welcoming isolation of my pod’s cockpit.

at New Concepts Publishing

Adult excerpt FERAL FLAW (futuristic romance)
It glows???

At last, his body responded to mine so intimately that he couldn’t decline my proposal. I had to keep him focused. Keep him distracted before he thought up another reason to postpone the consummation of our marital bond. Or I was destined for termination. A virgin. How tragic.

Having a real man was moments away. Had to be. Here gasped grasped one in the throes of commitment without a fear in the world. A breast man. I leaned into his solid accommodating body, raked my stiff nipples from his ribs to the rounded points on his chest, and circled his nibs with my own.

Chills jolted through my core.

Gods this is better than porn flicks. At last I understood what all the taunts about feeling wet meant.

He grabbed my hair, yanking my head so far back I feared my neck would pop.

Is this where Goro takes out Voldon’s alleged spy? I rolled my eyes to the farthest limit. To where he knelt.

He reached for one of my nipples and tugged at it, mesmerized, rolling the tender flesh between his thumb and index finger. His hot moist mouth bent down like he took one last drag on a cigarette and savored the moment before tossing the butt in the trash to quit cold turkey.

Throw me down. I’m all yours, Conan.

Tingly hot breath blew across my nipple.

I need him inside me. Now. “Goro!”

His orange gaze slowly slid from my breast, up my neck, stalled at my lips, then ventured on to meet my eyes. An eerie glow burned in those orbs as if he were no longer there. As if something more basal and carnal arose from the depths within him to take over for mating.

Just take me.

Who cared if this was normal in were-mating? Things were going to be different going into this long-term relationship with blood exchanges. No divorce allowed. But nobody warned me he might become a beast beforehand. Who cared? He was ten times sexier. So sexy I couldn’t think of anything but those shots in the smut movies where they got close-ups of the thick cock pounding between a woman’s thighs. Wouldn’t he hurry to prove everything I imagined was so much more in real life? He just needed a little incentive. I reached down to fondle myself like all the women in those sex shows.

“I’ll do that.” His grip on my hair let go, and he lifted me into his arms only to slowly lower me onto the cold ground. Then his tickling fingertips investigated my groin.

Oh to breathe as his fingers claimed every inch of my sensitive nether folds and clit only to move lower and slide inside me. To tease me.

I thrashed against the planet’s cold rock.

“You’re so wet,” he growled.

His eyes seemed so distant. So different as if the demon contemplated something. Or was lost. I’ll help him. I raised a hand to his cheek to pull down his lips again. To guide him to me.

And the way the iron cording throbbed in his neck promised of the blood binding. I ran a fingertip along the confessing artery.

His heart thumped a demand for consummation.

Not a problem given he thrust his fingers inside my aching body.

Wouldn’t he take me completely? I couldn’t lie still, squirming against those teasing fingers.

And then there was where the sweat beaded among the hairs on his chest. I rubbed the moisture into his drumming heart. Down. Down into the shadows. Over his ribbed abdomen. Down to where someone needed to guide his hard shaft into where it could throb inside me. I pulled his cock into the waning sunlight.

The tip glowed just as orange as the sunset.

Uh. Why is his penis glowing? I slid my gaze to meet my lover’s orange eyes.

His fingers stilled inside me. “It’s anatomically correct for an Xquine male. If you’re afraid, we can stop.”

Book 1: FERAL FASCINATIONS reviews...

"FERAL FASCINATIONS ...a surprise and an exciting read. It's not an easy novel to summarize but take my word for it…a summary can't do it justice any way. You have to read—and enjoy it—for yourself!... There's a lot of sex in this one but it's neither intrusive nor too graphic and every thrust of it moves the plot. Both Kindrist and Straightarrow, as well as the other characters—even the Bible-quote spouting Darla—are drawn with sympathy and realism. Pithy dialogue—a lot of it going on inside Jake's head, give the novel just enough of a quirky nature to keep it from the run-of-the-mill storyline of alien-abductee-saves-Mankind-and-gets-girl. 5 Stars!" ~Tony-Paul;

"This isn’t one of your brother’s Sci-Fi Books – it’s Rebel Mercenary meets Paranormal Alien Chick. ...Complex and well written, Ms. Moncrief seamlessly blended earth religion, new-age mysticism, paranormal events, shapeshifing rogue spies, and a who-done-it twist. The love scenes were not overly explicit, but very romantic & emotionally heart felt." ~LynnMarie, HEA Reviews

"Feral Fascinations is one of those werewolf science fiction novels that captures the imagination. Skhye Moncrief has done an amazing job of bringing a new world out and showing it to the reader with such amazing clarity. ...An original novel many will enjoy as it combines both modern and futuristic elements twinned with horror... True horror and science fiction fans will take to this novel really well as the characters are fascinating and well worth reading about. The sex scenes are not descriptive, but leave plenty to the imagination so the reader can make of the scenes what they will." ~Sandra, Romance at the Heart Magazine

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