Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Virtual Book Tour ~ Minnette Meador ~ A Ghost of A Chance! Kindle and Amazon Giveaway!

Alisha: Please welcome the lovely and very talented Minnette Meador to my blog today! I've asked her to do a character interview so we can learn more about the hero and heroine in A Ghost of A Chance.


Minnette: First of all, I want to thank Alisha for inviting me to share her amazing blog! What an honor it is to be here!

Today we are joined by two extraordinary people. The lovely Isabella and Keenan Swanson, our local psychic. Welcome!

ISABELLA: Thank you. It’s very nice to be here.

KEENAN: Thanks for having us.

HOSTESS: So Isabella, let’s start with you. Tell us a bit about yourself.

ISABELLA: Well, I’m the head of HR at an advertising agency and my folks are from Italy. The rest is… well, I’d rather not talk too much about my past.

HOSTESS: Why is that?

ISABELLA: (after a pause) I’m afraid it’s rather sorted.

HOSTESS: Sounds intriguing. Where did the two of you meet?

ISABELLA: We met at work.

HOSTESS: I hear your romance started out on an interesting note. Can you tell us about that?

ISABELLA: Actually, Keenan left a voice mail on the company phone and I happened to hear it first. Thank God! He was in jail needing bail, so I went over and picked him up.


KEENAN: Hey, it was all a misunderstanding.

ISABELLA: (laughing) They found him half-naked in front of an all girl’s Catholic school. One of the cops there wanted to teach him a lesson.

KEENAN: It wasn’t funny. (Isabella pats his hand) I was completely innocent… I was running from the succubus and she wrapped me in magic… Well, not magic, but something, and my pants fell down.

ISABELLA: He’s always had problems keeping his pants on.

KEENAN: (kissing her) Only around you, dear.

HOSTESS: (Blushing) Well, moving along… Keenan, I hear you’re a psychic, but have an even more exciting quirk. What is that?

KEENAN: I see ghosts.

HOSTESS: Really? I had a guest recently that saw a ghost…

KEENAN: I see all of them.

HOSTESS: All? What do you mean all?

KEENAN: I mean all of them…

HOSTESS: How many is that?

KEENAN: (shrugs) Hundreds… maybe thousands. I haven’t counted them.

HOSTESS: How exciting. That must really be fun.

KEENAN: Fun? Lady, have you ever had your life turned upside down and inside out? That’s what it’s like.

HOSTESS: But I thought dead people that hung around only wanted help…

KEENAN: (snorting) Yeah, right. Hollywood’s got it all wrong; all they want to do is torture the living… especially anyone who can see them. They flip me off, moon me, turn the lights on and off, watch TV at all hours, throw things at me, sing in the bathroom, pee on the drapes…

HOSTESS: They live with you?

KEENAN: Sure. Where else would they live?

HOSTESS: Amazing.

KEENAN: I guess… I don’t like talking about it.

HOSTESS: I understand. So, I hear the two of you saved the world.

ISABELLA: (blushing) Yes, well…

KEENAN: It was no big deal... the angels helped.

HOSTESS: There were angels?

ISABELLA: Oh my, yes. You need angels to fight demons.

KEENAN: Well, and ghosts. Of course, being dead helped…

HOSTESS: You mean the ghosts were dead…

KEENAN: No, me. But I got over it.

HOSTESS: How long have you been able to see ghosts?

KEENAN: Since I was 13. I saw the first one up at Diamond Lake.

HOSTESS: That must have been frightening.

KEENAN: Not half as much as the forest fire after.

HOSTESS: My goodness, you have had an interesting life…

KEENAN: Have you heard the ancient Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times?” That’s me.

HOSTESS: I guess so… So what now? Are you retiring from the world saving business?

ISABELLA: For now. Who knows what the future brings?

KEENAN: Yeah. I’m certain a lot more interesting times.

HOSTESS: Thank you so much for joining me, Keenan and Isabella. We look forward to your next adventures.


Keenan Swanson is your typical, everyday graphic designer. Well, except for the hundreds of pesky, prank-loving poltergeists that make his life interesting (in a Chinese curse sort of way). He finds his situation precarious yet manageable—until witty, smoking-hot coworker Isabella enters the scene and Keenan decides he wants her all for himself. With a horny succubus who has other ideas, a burly city cop determined to lock Keenan away, and an evil entity who’s hell-bent on using Keenan’s seed to create a living demon, the reluctant psychic realizes he just might not come out of this alive—or with heart intact.


“Isabella, isn’t it?” Keenan hadn’t seen a ring on her finger, around her neck, or a Love John Forever tattoo any place noticeable, so he assumed she was available.
“Right. You’re Keenan. We met the other day.”
Usually he didn’t have problems talking to girls, but now it was harder than it had ever been. A hundred witty comebacks crowded his brain for attention, but not one of them could make it past the lump in his throat. His growing cock wasn’t going to be much help either; all it wanted him to do was blurt out, “Ya wanna?”
Bracing himself against possible rejection, and telling his cock to shut the fuck up, Keenan gathered his courage and charged into the fray. “Say listen, if you’re not…”
The elevator jarred to a halt and the doors burst open in front of them. At least fifteen people piled into the box, disregarding the “maximum occupancy” sign.
Keenan hit his back hard against the railing and suddenly found his arms full of warm, healthy girl.
The sounds around him came to a crashing halt when he fixated on those gorgeous almond eyes and full red lips. The urge to devour that mouth was irresistible. He felt like he was home. Her balmy scent marinated his brain, clouding out everything else. The velvet skin of her naked arms made his palms tingle.
A sudden terror seized him when he realized his rod stood at full attention, shouting, “Yippee!” Since the crowd had crushed Isabella against him, she must have felt it jumping like an excited dog against her stomach. To Keenan’s amazement, she didn’t say a word and smiled sweetly up at him. Her expression was almost pleased. It boggled his mind.
“Sorry,” he managed after a few precious seconds.
He let go and fully expected her to scrunch as far away from him as possible, a murmured “pervert” escaping her lips. Instead, she slid up next to him and stayed attached to his shoulder, turning her lovely breasts to the doors.
Keenan had a hard time keeping his eyes off them, noting with interest that both nipples were little rocks against the black fabric. He forced himself to focus on the bald spot on the head of the guy in front of him. He hoped to God the man wasn’t pushed back; in Keenan’s current state, it might be difficult to explain what rested against the man’s ass.

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mamabear said...

Sounds awesome! Minnette, I was just telling Alisha that I needed another book to download to my Kindle...looks like we might have a winner!

Na said...

Hi Minnette! I'm early...well late, but this post was up and I couldn't resist what the topic for today would be. I absolutely love character interviews, it's always getting to kknow the characters more and interact with them outside of their stories. There is definitely chemistry between Keenan and Isabella and their banter is very natural. I'm just surprised Dabria didn't put in an appearance :)

Much like Keenan, when it comes to being saved, I'm not picky. Alive or dead, as long as you help me you can be my friend for life.

Alisha said...

Loved the excerpt, Minnette! Super sexy and hilarious at the same time! :)

marybelle said...

Nothing says love like a "Love John Forever tattoo". I laughed. A great way to begin a story.


rue volley said...

Great interview! I love this concept, very...very clever! I cannot wait to read it now! xoxo

Leanne109 said...

My new fave interview!!!! WTG! :D

Minnette Meador said...

Wow, you guys are earlier than me!

Good morning! ~Yawn - sip coffee~

Thanks, Mamabear - I really hope you like it! Hopefully, it will tickle your funny bone a bit.

Hi, Na - You ALWAYS beat everyone else here! I love these interviews too... It's fun to take the characters out of the book and talk to them.

Thanks, Alisha!

Hi, Marybelle - I know, right? It took me forever to think of a perfect tattoo image for this!

Thanks, Rue - You make me blush. I hope you like the book.

You are such a doll, Leanne! xxxooo

Minnette Meador said...

I thought today, we'd talk about who you would interview and why (factual or fictional person), and what kind of questions would you ask them?

For me, I think it would be Mark Twain and I would ask him how he wrote, where he got his inspiration and what it was like to tour America back in those day.

How about you?

Bookwyrm369 said...

Great post! I love character interviews - they're so much fun :-) Can't wait to read this book!

smaccall AT comcast.net

Kanya said...

Hi Minnette!
Loved the character interview!
I would love to interview the kings who built the ankgorian site in Cambodia, between the 9th and 15th centuries, to solve some mysteries of Angkor! For example, among their temples, the kings constructed massive reservoirs. The significance of those is debated by scholars. Where they used to grow rice, for religious purpose, for recreational purpose, to store water? I would really like to know...
Have a nice day!


Jean P said...

Great character interview, always enjoy reading those.
I would love to interview Cleopatra, she has such a colorful history and she wielded so much power.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Kallypso Masters said...

Sounds like a great story, Minette! Nice to "meet" you! All the best on your tour and with the book!

Kallypso Masters said...

Oops--you asked for an e-mail. It's kallypsomasters@gmail.com


Chele Blades said...

I love how Isabella had to pet him after telling his jail time experience...such a funny couple...i still wanna hang out with Keenan...he makes me laugh!!!

great interview...and sooo can not wait to read this story!!!


Book Savvy Babe said...

Great interview! I always love finding more books to add to my TBR pile, and now i have another. I have to run to goodreads and add this book, good luck with the tour!
Book Savvy Babe

shadow_kohler said...

Great Interview! I loved it! :) I love you characters!
The one person i would want to do an interview on would be Diana Palmer. I adore her books! Ive been collecting her for years and I look forward to her new releases. Id love to know how she got her ideas for her long, tall, texan series. How many more books she plans on writing and if she'll republish her older books. And so many other things! :)
Any big plans for the weekend Minnette?

tammy ramey said...

i would love to interview Edgar Allan Poe. I love his books and stories. it would be interesting to see where he got his inspiration and ideas.


Christiana said...

Good Afternoon once again.

Alisha, what a lovely site.

Minnette, I love character interviews, and this ones was quite entertaining.

As for who I would interview, I've thought about this over and over, although there are a lot of people throughout history I'd love to sit down with, I'm not sure who to pick...

Hmm... Jane Austen, Mark Twain, You? The choices are just too hard to choose!

With Jane, I'd want to know what it was like as a female writer in her time, with Mark, well, I want to know if he was more Samuel Clemmons or more Mark Twain, I've devoured a lot of books over the years that make me wonder just what time of person Mark Twain was, as for you, I love talking to you so, I'm sure I can make that a worth while conversation.



Chelsea Rafferty said...

Ohhh cool interview today! Loved that we had an interview with Keenan :D That was cool ;)

Hmmm, who would I interview if I had the choice? I would probably pick someone from my family back in the day when they used to be "bodyguards" for Napolean :D I'd ask about that lol ;) since its about my bloodline I'd be really interested to talk with them ;)♠

Need to go to some of the other sites you visited Minnette, I missed a few days :(

Chelsea B. said...

I love character interviews! :-) I enjoyed reading!


Sara York said...

Sounds like a great book!

Nichole said...

Character interviews are so much fun! It must be so interesting to have another person in your head (Ever been accused of having a personality disorder :P lol) and try to keep in character, while trying to do your own interview!

Keep up the fun!


Tina Hamilton said...

LMAO..this is great!! I really think we should role play this book, could be so much fun.

Na said...

Good afternoon! Is it just me or does it feel like the summer days are just passing by?

To answer your question Minnette, if I could interview any character I would choose Alice in Wonderland. I want to know if there is any hidden adventures she's been keeping from us! There are many more characters I'd love to interview as well :)

Minnette Meador said...

Hi, everyone! Sorry I'm late today... had to work through lunch.

Thanks, Bookwyrm!

Studying Viet Nam kinds would be so much fun! It's a very untapped era for most of the western world. Wouldn't that be sweet? :o)

I'm with you, Jean... I would love to just be in Egypt at that time.

Thanks, Kallyso! :o)

Thanks, Chele!

Thanks for coming over, Book Savvy!

Hey, Shadow... You should find her web site and ask her your questions! Most authors love to chat with fans and love getting fan mail. Here's her web site: http://www.dianapalmer.com.
Rest is in my immediate weekend plans (except for the blog hop, of course).

I'm with you, Tammy - He was an amazing writer and had a very interesting life.

LOL, Christiana - Honey, you can interview me anytime you want! I'm afraid it probably wouldn't be anywhere near as entertaining as Mark Twain or Jane Austen! Mark Twain was my fist pick earlier... He was an amazing man.

Ooo, Chelsea - What a great idea! Body guards for the big N, huh? Wouldn't that have been a trip? I'd like to go back and interview your family too! :o)

Thanks, Chelsea B - Gotta keep you two straight!

Thanks, Sara... I hope so.

I am a personality disorder, Nichole! LOL I think you have to be to be a writer... What funny is that when Alisa and Ruby first approached me about this interview, I blithely did the interview of about 2-3 pages and didn't realize until the end that I WAS WRITING AN INTERVIEW BETWEEN MY CHARACTERS IN GLADIATOR PRINCE! Talk about split personalities. Try promoting three different books while you're writing one! :o)

Great idea, Tina! Not sure how...

Hi, Na - Oregon had rain today, so what summer days? I don't think we've had any yet!

Minnette Meador said...

Na - Sorry I hit return too soon!

Alice in Wonderland would be a lot of fun. I think the Cheshire cat would be even more interesting! :o)

Nichole said...

Miss Minnette
I've always wanted to write like this! With a career in Mental Health, I always find it fascinating to think about the minds behind the characters. I always want more and more, so their stories never end! I can't wait to hit the lotto someday and just get all the books on my lists...

Where do you get most of your ideas for books? I've had one with me for a LONG time, just don't know where to start

Anonymous said...

well there are so many.. i guess the first one would be ann rice. i loved her vampire books..

then i would have to say my mother because she put up with my shit sorry for the potty mouth.. brigitte

Julian Alexander said...

Very interesting question. I think I would like to interview my son when he is grown up. And as for a living person, I think it would have to be George Clooney. From the past it would have to be Napoleon, I would love to hear his war strategies and what he would think of today's technical war fare.

Leanne109 said...

If I could interview someone it would be the 1st man ever and I would ask him "what came first the chicken or the egg"?
Then I would interview Eve and ask her what the hell she was thinking, why didn't she kill the snake instead and cook him...

Minnette Meador said...

Hi, Nicole! Mental Health is hard yet very rewarding, I imagine. There must be lots of story idea there. I get my ideas from all sorts of places; some just pop in there and others I have to develop very carefully. This was one of those "just pops in there" stories. I have no lack for story ideas... it's just the time to write them! :o)

Hi, Brigitte! I love Ann Rice books! I've read a couple of her interviews and she seems very interesting. I would love to interview my mom too to find out more about her and my dad's relationship during WWII - But alas, she is gone... I'll have to ask the bros and sister to see what they know.

Julian, my darling boy! How are you? Thanks for letting me bend your arm. How wonderful that you would like to interview your boy! I love that! I'm afraid I'd be too distracted to interview George ~drool~ but Napoleon would be a treat!

LMAO - You are too funny, Leanne ~wipes eye~ ...cook the snake... LOL

shadow_kohler said...

lol leanne! you kill me!
thanks minnette! ive been to her site and all she has is a board for all of her fans to talk together. ill have to go back and check it out again. i probably missed it! :P thank you! :)
resting sounds nice! so relaxing!
guess what i made tonight? no bake cookies. yum! they sounded so good after i posted them the other day. :)

Leanne109 said...

I just can't help myself :D

Another thing I want to know is why they made the toilette seat round... What's up with that?
Oh and what's the gestation period for a Kangaroo.....
ANyway I have lots of questions just don't know who to ask lol

Chelsea Rafferty said...

Minnette, well if I'm ever going back in time I'll ask if I can drag you along and we can interview them together :o I'm not too fond of learning "that" though since the big N was a crazy *insert word here* LOL XD but yeah :P I only heard of it in the last few years because my dad was adopted and only like 4 years ago I found his full brother online who was in contact with their father and since then I've gotten 4 half uncles, a grandpa (had none growing up) and a great grandmother who recently passed away last Saturday. I only met her once but I would have loved to have grown up and spent time with her. :) *hugs*

Leanne, yep I bet that snake TOTALLY tastes like an apple.. yum yum *smacks lips* XD

Anonymous said...

Hi Minnette,
Oh my gosh, love this one. You always amaze me :)

Justcorismail@ yahoo.com

Bama said...

cool interview! :)

Kym said...

Hi Minnette !

I enjoyed the post today sorry Im late , was reading ;)

I would want to interview Laura Ingalls, she was one of my favorite authors growing up.

If I could choose a President Id love to talk to Abraham Lincoln !


Pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes said...

Your book sounds so good! I love the excerpt and I just put it on my gotta have list. Thank you for the contest..*S*



Wolfswan1 said...

WOW, sounds like an awsome book. I am adding it to my wishlist right now! Also great job on the interview, it was so much fun to read. Thank you so much for this giveaway!!

Vonnie Alto said...

Hi Minnette,

Great character interview. And so clever. I would love to meet Keenan and Isabel.

If I could interview someone, it would be my favorite character of all time--the Scarlet Pimpernal. He's dashing, debonair, a fop, a rake, and very intelligent. The ultimate in a rescuer!

Minnette Meador said...

Cool, Shadow... Save some for the rest of us! Yum indeed!

You crack me up too, Leanne! LOL

I have a half sister somewhere out there that I'd love to meet some day. :o)

Thanks, Cori!

Thanks, Bama!

Laura Ingalls would be a great choice, Kym. And Lincoln... his wife too.

Your are welcome, Darcy - I hope you enjoy it!

Hi, Wolfswan! You're welcome.

Oooo, Vonnie, the Scarlet Pimpernal! Absolutely! One of my favorite characters in literature! :o)

Krystal said...

I love character interviews :) This one was great!

Carol L. said...

I loved he character interview. The questions and answers were great.
I'd want to interview Jesus. Just to sit with him and listen to his wisdom. Then I'd love to talk with Jamie Fraser from Outlander and just listen to his Brogue. Think I need a reality check ? lol I love his character.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

Minnette Meador said...

Thanks, Krystal! This relationship is very special so it was a lot of fun to write.

Hey, I'm with you, Carol! Aw, love Jamie's voice... :o)