Monday, October 3, 2011

Guest Blogger: Author Glenn Gamble!

Glenn: I thank Alisha for being kind enough to feature me on her blog. I hope she won’t mind me bringing a guest. His name is Jim Money, and he’s the main character in all four of the books in the Jim Money Series. I was going to self-aggrandize about how great a writer I am and why you all should love my books and kiss my ass, but Jim here was compelled to give the ladies some *ahem* dating advice. Without further ado, here’s Jim Money.

Jim Money’s Dating Advice
Ahem? What the hell does Glenn mean by *ahem*? I swear I’m going to kick his ass before the end of this blog tour. He already doesn’t pay me enough to do all the ass kicking that I do in his books, but today I’m going to tell you my top five dating tips for women.
1) If you can cook, please do –a lot.
2) The less you talk during football games, the better. Especially when your man has action on one of the teams.
3) Men love a woman who brings beer.
4) Men love a naked woman who brings beer even more.
5) Men love a woman who doesn’t feel the need to go to the salon, buy a new dress and shoes for a first date. Wear one of those nice outfits that are hanging in your closet, a simple hairdo and clean nails go a long way. Giving it up on the first night goes an even longer way.

Glenn: I’m apologizing for allowing Jim to hijack the thread. Apparently Mr. Money is not the most tactful guy, yet he hooks up with pretty women somehow. It really blows my mind how hot some of his women are. That’s why I thought he would pass on some good dating tips. I should have known that he would be up to his usual antics. My goodness, what have I created here!

Alisha: Wow! Thanks for stopping by, Glenn and uh...thanks, Jim Money..hate to say it but women ARE attracted to cavemen like yourself. You actually remind me of my own caveman. He likes me to deliver his beer naked too. That happens, maybe once a year..on his birthday or in his dreams!! Good thing I enjoy cooking and good thing he is more of an MMA fan than a football fan! I love watching sweaty men wrestle and kick one another. Come again, Glenn and feel free to bring Jim back for more giggles!

Glenn Gamble is the author of A Thousand Chances, Bon Appetit, Escape, On the Run, and James. All of his books are available on Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook and Smashwords. He also encourages you to go to his website


Kelly Stone Gamble said...

Funny stuff-I'd love to hear some of Jim Money's pickup lines.

And to others who are reading this-No, Glenn and I are not related, it's not like I'm his mother or sister making a comment. (Good job, Sonny!)

Cheryl said...

Very cool post. I am glad I am also on this blog tour!

Alisha said...

I'd love to hear those pick up lines too. Glenn? Or Jim, rather? ;)