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How to Contact the Dead ~ WARNING: VERY SCARY!!!

Today is All Hallow's Eve, the day when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest. Have you ever seen a ghost, communicated with a ghost or felt a ghost? Some have even smelled a ghost..the scent of rose or the stench of death.

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I myself have experienced some paranormal activity of the friendly kind in my own home. I live in a house built in the 50's. Mostly one family lived in this home and we're pretty sure it is haunted by the man of the house but he mostly stays outside in the backyard in the work shed. He likes to slam the big heavy door, even though it has a spring and could not be opened without force. He enjoys flipping the lights on and off too. Creepy! Other than that, he stays pretty quiet. His name is Mr. Crawford and is a friendly spirit. Mrs. Crawford moved out of this home six years ago and moved in with one of her three grown sons. I wonder if he ever visits his wife?

I've also had what psychics call a "Spirit Guide" visit me in my dreams during a very difficult time in my life. I was pullled aside by this spirit, physically and spiritually. I call it a virtual slap to the face. I was told not to worry about the turmoil in my life and that the evil spirit working against me had a very long history of this type of behavior and others knew about it. I was made aware of the fact that I'm taken care of and watched over. This dream was very real and with it came much peace and comfort. Was this real contact with a spirit guide or a dead person or what? What do you think? Do you talk to the dead? How do we talk to the dead?

Let's find out.


Wikipedia Definition - It uses a planchette (small heart-shaped piece of wood) or movable indicator to indicate the spirit's message by spelling it out on the board during a séance. Participants place their fingers on the planchette and it is moved about the board to spell out words. It has become a trademark that is often used generically to refer to any talking board.

Following its commercial introduction by businessman Elijah Bond on July 1, 1890, the Ouija board was regarded as a harmless parlor game unrelated to the occult until American Spiritualist Pearl Curran popularized its use as a divining tool during World War I.

Mainstream religions and some occultists have associated use of the Ouija board with the threat of demonic possession and some have cautioned their followers not to use Ouija boards.

While Ouija believers feel the paranormal or supernatural is responsible for Ouija's action, it may be parsimoniously explained by unconscious movements of those controlling the pointer, a psychophysiological phenomenon known as the ideomotor effect. Despite being debunked by the efforts of the scientific community, Ouija remains popular among many young people

Who has a ouiga board? I do but I don't use it. I brought it out for Halloween mostliy as a decoration. When we first moved into this house, we tried to use it, just playing around one night while drinking wine. We asked who lived here. We kept getting one answer. MOM. Uh....ok. We asked when this person lived here. We got this answer. 1956. Mr. Crawford didn't want to talk. Maybe Mom is the one in the shed but I don't think so. Mr. Crawford built that shed. Who is Mom? A family before the Crawfords? To my knowledge, the Crawfords were the main family to live in this home. Maybe there was another home on this property years ago. This home was built in 55 though so maybe the Crawfords had a mother live here besides the Mrs. Crawford who we believe is still alive or was alive six years ago. Maybe the grandma. She definitely wanted to talk to us but we were a little freaked so we stopped.


Wikipedia Definition - Scrying (also called seeing or peeping) is a magic practice that involves seeing things psychically in a medium, usually for purposes of obtaining spiritual visions and less often for purposes of divination or fortune-telling. The most common media used are reflective, translucent, or luminescent substances such as crystals, stones, glass, mirrors, water, fire, or smoke. Scrying has been used in many cultures as a means of divining the past, present, or future. Depending on the culture and practice, the visions that come when one stares into the media are thought to come from God, spirits, the psychic mind, the devil, or the subconscious.

Although scrying is most commonly done with a crystal ball, it may also be performed using any smooth surface, such as a bowl of liquid, a pond, or a crystal.

Scrying is actively used by many cultures and belief systems and is not limited to one tradition or ideology. As of 2009[update], Ganzfeld experiments, a sensory deprivation experiment inspired by scrying, provides the best known experimental setting for detecting psi abilities in the laboratory.


Man in the mirror taken in room 410 in the Place D'Armes hotel in the French Quarter, New Orleans

The following article is copied from and posted by Moon Child

Some people feel the intense need to communicate with someone who is dead. Usually, they desire to contact a loved one that they have lost or some simply harbor a fascination with death or the dead. When one wishes to reconnect with the presence of someone they have lost, they may turn to methods involving communication with the dead.

When one is interested in contacting the dead, there are a few techniques that can be followed, according to a Dr. Raymond Moody, who claims to be quite an expert when it comes to near-death experiences, as well as the afterlife. Moody suggests a technique that was used during ancient times for those who wanted to receive a vision. It is said that Nostradamus used this approach when he was foretelling the future. It simply involves a large mirror, as well as a variety of suggestions to ensure a positive and successful line of contact. Below you will find a checklist to follow when you want to attempt communication between the dead.

1) To gain a clear state of mind, one should refrain from consuming products that contain dairy and caffeine the day before an encounter is attempted. Fruits and vegetables should be the only simple foods that are consumed.

2) When attempting to contact the dead, you should position yourself in the quietest section of your dwellings. Watches and jewelry should be removed; loose clothing should be worn. Relaxation is the key for those who wish to contact the dead. Distractions, such as clocks and phones should be unplugged. When complete silence is achieved, a large mirror should be placed in front of you. The mirror should be at an angle that promotes comfortableness.

3) If you are having trouble reaching an altered state of mind, looking at artwork or listening to calming music can achieve a sense of awareness conducive to this type of act.

4) If you are trying to contact a loved one, you should surround yourself with some of their photographs, as well as their personal items. Touching the objects will bring you closer to who you are trying to contact. Some of the items you may choose to set about you may include family films, photo albums, old letters, glasses, a piece of their clothing, as well as a few of their favorite things. Anything that evokes feelings or memories should be used.

5) Light a candle and put it behind you. When dim light is used, it is best that it be placed behind your body. It is said that twilight hours is the best time to communicate with the dead because many people experience altered states. Some can mirror gaze surrounded by bright lights, but this takes time to get use to, as well as achieve.

6) When you are ready to mirror gaze, you should be in a comfortable, relaxed position. You will gaze into the mirror without trying to see anything; it will be similar to looking at something that is located far from view. You may start to feel a tingling within your fingertips.

7) The mirror may seem cloudy after some time, while others have reported that the mirror becomes darker in color. When things within the mirror do not seem as clear as they did before, you may be ready to experience contact with the dead.

8) Complete silence should still be maintained. Allow yourself to view the images that appear to you within the mirror (if you are lucky to experience this phase). The images that you may encounter will probably last for only less than a minute. Some people are able to view images for as long as 10 minutes, but this may take some time to develop. Sometimes you may not see a thing, but will instead hear the voice of your loved one. Some have claimed to actually feel their touch. Experiences with mirror gazing can be quite varied.

****taken from an article by Yona Williams****


Wikipedia definition - A séance is an attempt to communicate with spirits. The word "séance" comes from the French word for "seat," "session" or "sitting," from the Old French "seoir," "to sit." In French, the word's meaning is quite general: one may, for example, speak of "une séance de cinéma" ("a movie session"). In English, however, the word came to be used specifically for a meeting of people who are gathered to receive messages from spirits or to listen to a spirit medium discourse with or relay messages from spirits; many people, including skeptics and non-believers, treat it as a form of entertainment. In modern English usage, participants need not be seated while engaged in a séance.

One of the earliest books on the subject of communication amongst deceased persons was Communitation With the Other Side by George, First Baron Lyttelton, published in England in 1760. Among the notable spirits quoted in this volume are Peter the Great, Pericles, a "North-American Savage," William Penn, and Christina Queen of Sweden. The popularity of séances grew dramatically with the founding of the religion of Spiritualism in the mid-nineteenth century. Perhaps the best-known series of séances conducted at that time were those of Mary Todd Lincoln who, grieving the loss of her son, organized Spiritualist séances in the White House, which were attended by her husband, President Abraham Lincoln, and other prominent members of society.


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~Happy Halloween to those living and especially those who have gone before us!

Spread Love and Goodness,

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Kelly Stone Gamble said...

Yes, that is scary stuff to me. I have always said I would love to contact my father, and of course, I see advertisements all the time. But I think I'm afraid that one dose of BS and I won't believe anymore, and I really want to believe I can someday contact him. Strange, I know. Loved the post. Didn't know about scrying--and yes, I do own a Ouija board.

Mark Mauavis said...

Great article! I too was very interested to read about scrying, I'm more of a ouija board man myself!

Kathy Ivan said...

Nice post for Halloween! I haven't had the scary experience, but I did have an Indian girl that I would play with when I was a child. Growing up in Florida, she was a young Seminole female, probably about 13 to 14 years old. She helped me through some difficult times. My grandmother called her my spirit guide. :-)

Alisha said...

Thanks for stopping by, Kelly. Scary stuff indeed! I can see why you'd want to contact your father and I too would be afriad of the BS out there. Keep in mind that I've known many people who have had very realistic dreams with loved ones who have passed over. Perhaps your dad will choose to contact you in that same way. :)

Hi, Mark! Glad you stopped by as well. I didn't know about scrying either. I guess a mirror can act as a sort of portal. Yikes!

Hey, Kathy! So happy you stopped by. You may not think your story sounds scary but to me, there is nothing scarier than little children spirits...eeeek! You win today's prize. Congrats! Email me at so I can email you your coupon to get a free copy of Circle City: Lord of the Wolfen. :)

mamabear said...

There are some decent mediums out just have to find them. I went to one who brought my mom through with some very specific things (Rhubarb pie! Who makes Rhubarb pie? My mom used to...). You have to be careful though.
Ouija boards scare me. Had some really weird experiences with them. I won't allow one in my home any more. I knew about the other ways of contacting the dead...but I am interested in the paranormal/psychic/other worldly things, lol!
I will get back to you on the ghost stories. I lived in a 150 year old house...

Alisha said...

Looking forward to hearing your ghost stories, Cathy! I love ghost stories! Don't forget to post them or hey...we can do a blog post on your ghost experience! That would be fun!! Rhubarb, that is too weird to just guess at. Even the dog psychic lady freaked me out. Remember? The second I sat down she told me a big yellow dog was jumping all over me? And I'd lost my golden retriever. She had no way of knowing what kind of pet I'd lost and I had not told her a single word. Very weird. Ouiga boards scare me too. And now mirrors scare me. I'm a fraidy cat. After doing the research for this blog I was home alone, the baby was napping and I heard a loud bang. Don't know what it was. The cat was curled in my lap. I got up to check the baby. He was fine. I went to the bathroom and was scared to look in the mirror..afraid of seeing a phantom reflected there or worse...FATAL ATTRACTION. Remember that movie? Yikes..I can't handle scary movies