Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Real Life of a Romance Author ~ Champagne, Caviar and Chocolate

Vicki Batman confesses: THE REAL LIFE OF A ROMANCE AUTHOR--Champagne, Caviar, and Chocolate

Ha-ha. If you only knew...

I go to fabulous lunches at wonderful restaurants. The truth? mostly I eat cereal, or half a sandwich, or whatever cat.

I drink champagne every day. Champagne cocktails are my drink of choice. But I rarely drink anything alcoholic. I'm usually the designated driver.

I eat chocolate. It's hard not to eat a piece(s) a day. Godivas, Hershey (especially the nuggets with toffee bits), chocolate chips... I'm pretty sure it keeps the doctor away and gives me a youthful appearance.

I lounge around and read lots of books.

If only. I get about thirty minutes a night to read. This is a problem for me because I love to delve into a good book. But I also love to watch television and embroider or needlepoint.

I go shopping all the time. I adore handbags and for me, it isn't necessarily about buying an expensive one.

I look for something different, unique. Sometimes, my characters love handbags, too. *giggle* But no, I don't go shopping every day, unless it is the grocery store.

I love cake. Mmm, talking about cake makes my mouth water. If I ate lots of cake (and the chocolate), I'd resemble a tank. I feature it regularly in stories 'cause if I can't have it, my characters can. The opening scene in "I Believe" features a chocolate and strawberry concoction.

I drive expensive cars.

My handsome hubby has two Austin-Healey bug-eyed Sprites. We get all kinds of comments when we are driving around town. Even get asked to have our picture taken at stop lights and in parking lots. My drive of choice is an old Jeep and my characters drive one too.

Here's the real skinny on a writer: Most of the time… I write! I work as a professional at my craft. I sit down every day after my workout and write, blog, write blogs, visit blogs and write something, visit Facebook and write. Write, write, write. I love it!

And did you notice no caviar-Ick!

We all know everyone has a secret indulgence. He-he-he. Care to share yours?

Here's a blurb from "I Believe," my sexy novella with a touch of magic:

Allie deeply desires what her sister and cousins have--the man of their dreams. And they assure her she can…if she’s willing to believe. When her sister shares their grandmother's spell for conjuring her own true love, Allie's deeply conflicted. After all, magic is a risky business. A woman died when a potion went wrong. Did she want to mess with magic, knowing it might not work?
"I Believe" explores what happens when someone is so desperate, she'll do anything to -- and quite possibly will -- find true happiness.

And an excerpt from "Taking Flight," a short story featured in Lavender Dreams:

Charley tilted her head. “Oh my God. Look at the butterflies.”
This definitely wasn’t ordinary. Forgetting about class, we raced to the door, only to be stunned by what we saw when we got there. There were hundreds, thousands, maybe even a bazillion, orange and black butterflies.
The monarchs were migrating.
In my lifetime, I’d only heard about their migration; I hadn’t seen it anywhere.
Simultaneously, Charley and I shared a “Wow.”
This was no ordinary thing.
Something compelled me to venture outside and truly experience what was happening there. To see where they traveled, what they’d do, to just watch.
I grabbed Charley's hand and whispered, "Let's go."

Vicki Batman is hanging out with her computer and drinking Diet Coke. Find her at: Lavender Dreams is available at: "I Believe" is available at:


Vicki Batman said...

Good morning, Alisha! Since I am a romance writer, I thought about sleeping in.... LOL

Yeah, don't do that either. I go workout every morning.

Thanks for having me hear my friend!

Cara Marsi said...

Vicki, you described my life. Champagne cocktails, expensive lunches. Also couture clothes and exotic vacations. NOT! Writing is hard work, and like you, I love it. In reality, after my workout, I'm at the computer. In the winter I'm huddled at my desk in sweats. Not very glamorous. But through my books I can soar to any exotic place I want.

I loved "I Believe" and can't wait to read "Lavender Dreams."

Vicki Batman said...

Hi, sweet Cara. Thank you for posting today and telling me about your secret life as a romance writer. I'm sure you are wearing designer sweats. LOL oxoxo

Kelly L Lee said...

As I sit in a hotel room at 6 am pst, sipping coffee and gathering strength to get ready for the day job - I still find myself envying you, even without the caviar and champagne! You blog made me smile -so thank you!

Kathy Ivan said...

Yep, the glamour-filled life of a writer. Not! We get up, get dressed, go to work, rush home, go to the gym, fix meals, get everything ready for the next day and if we're really, really lucky, we can squeeze in a small bit of time to actually WRITE! Great post, Vicki.

Sasha said...

LOVE this post Vicki! And I'm very impressed that you do so much... I admit there are times I don't put on 'real clothes' (past what I pulled on to drop the kids off at school) as the computer and my characters DEMAND my immediate attention! I am NOT a glam writer :)
But I am a fan of the writer mystique :)!

Vicki Batman said...

Hi, Kelly! So nice to have you visit. I'm happy I made you smile. And boy oh boy is your life about to be uber busy.

Hi, Kathy! And thank you!!! I'm fortunate I have writing as my day job, but there are other things that creep in and make my day wacky!

Hi, Sasha! This is so funny. I am strickly old school in some respects-shower, clothes, tad bit of eyeliner and mascara, but good hair. I have my routine down to 20 min. I guess I give my characters the best of me. Thanks for posting.

Patricia said...

Your day is a clone of mine. I get up and read blogs and e-mails, take the kids to school, come back and write, have lunch with my 2 dogs, then write some more, cook dinner then write some more, then watch some television and maybe write while doing that (or not) then read a half-hour before bedtime.
I love writing!

Vicki Batman said...

Hi, Patti! I love writing too. And maybe we are clones... whoodoowhoodoowhoodoowhoodoo

Thank you for visiting with me.

Kathleen Baldwin said...

I have a dear cousin who is struggling with colon cancer. When I heard about Vicki's butterfly story I just had to buy a copy of Lavender Dreams.

I'm so glad I did. I cried and smiled, cried some more and smiled again.

Thanks for touching our hearts in such a triumphant and uplifting way.

Vicki Batman said...

Hi, Kat! I'm so happy my story touched you. I was very fortunate to have the friend I described in my story and miss her still. This time of year is when the monarchs migrate and I watch and remember her.

All my good vibes sending your cousin's way. oxoxoxo

Sheila Deeth said...

No sleeping in--son needs a ride to the station. Limited reading time just means I read faster. And my favorite treat is either chocolate or time to write (or both!)

Vicki Batman said...

Hi, Sheila. Several years ago, I had to get youngest sprout off to meet the bus by 7:15. Not easy. And I've never been a sleeper in person anyway. But chocolate... Like I said, chocolate a date keeps the doc away. Thanks for posting!

Liz Lipperman said...

I love that writers everywhere relate to this blog. There are some days, I am in pajamas for over 36 hours. I do brush my teeth, though.

As for the reading time, I totally neglect that when I am busy. After reading Kat's testimonial, I am going to sit right down and read your butterfly story on my kindle.

Sheila Seabrook said...

I've always wanted a manservant to pick up after me, call me when my meals are ready, and screen my calls while I type merrily away in my secluded (with a great view of the ocean and mountains) home office. Oh, and it would be somewhere warm.

In reality, I'm looking out my window at fields of wheat or snow -- depending on the time of year -- and have to pick up after myself, cook my own meals, and let the answering machine record my calls.

Vicki, chocolate and champagne would be perfect, and if I lived next door to you, I'd share mine with you. :)

Vicki Batman said...

Wow, Sheila, you went way into fantasy land with the manservant and meals and a view. I'm coming over. And I'll bring my chocolate to share. oxoxo

Karilyn Bentley said...

Hi Vicki,
Great post! I liked reading about your real life as an author. This isn't a secret, but chocolate has become my indulgence. I used to be allergic to it, so I'm just making up for lost time. ha!

Vicki Batman said...

Thank you, Alisha, for having me today. You're the best!

Alisha said...

Come back anytime, Vicki! I loved your blog post and loved reading I Believe! Looking forward to reading Taking Flight. You're such a fantastic writer. ox

Vicki Batman said...

Thank you, Alisha. Have a wonderful weekend. oxox