Tuesday, November 20, 2012

King of the Jungle and More Fun with Genres!

The paranormal genre is so much fun to write. Mostly because there are absolutely no rules. Science Fiction fans will crucify you if you screw up "the rules". So will historical romance fans. Do your research all you writers out there!

I've always loved to write paranormal because I have way more creative freedom. My characters can be anything I want them to be...Wolfen,


Hybrid beast,



or any other shapeshifter!

Have you ever wanted to see a particular character evolve into an animal and see all the animal's characterists incorporated into the human character? Oh, trust me...if you've never read or written in the paranormal genre, you should! I can't tell you how much fun it is for a man to tell a woman that he likes his steaks extremely rare and continue to hide the fact that he's a wolf inside! How about the fact that he can't stand the smell of her mangy dog? See where I'm going here? Loads of fun to write and read this genre.

There's so much comedy and so much mystery to be added to your characters. Every animal has special traits that come in handy if they also happen to be a shapeshifter. Like an owl for example.
They can turn their head 360 degrees around! Hey, don't laugh! Your character might need that talent.

Or what about the whale who can swim underwater for a long time before resurfacing! Ever heard of a blow hole on a man?
Oooh, that didn't come out right. Well, what if a guy could do all this underwater stuff and rarely surface..that might come in handy! You get my drift.

What shapeshifter or paranormal books have you read or written that really stretched the imagination? I'd love to hear your recommendations!

I had a lot of fun writing my lion-shifter tale, UNCAGED which released TODAY!!!

You can snag a copy for only .99 cents for that long Thanksgiving break!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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