Friday, March 8, 2013

#ICanHonestlySay Romance Backwards is #Sexy! #Love #Marriage #Sex #Wedding

Tomorrow marks the 10 year anniversary of the day I met my future husband and the father of my two youngest children.

Wait. Future husband? Yep. That's right. Future. As in, not yet married. Still engaged. 10 years later. I've had a second chance at love with this amazing man and this time, I've done everything backwards.

Back on March 9, 2003, my next door neighbor asked me to give him a ride to AutoZone to get a car part. It was Spring Break and I had to drop my six year old daughter off at daycare before driving to work but I gladly drove him to the store and was even a tad bit late to work. I remember driving to work and thinking to myself that he's a nice guy and how odd that we never spoke to one another for 2 long years, except to say hello at the mailbox or the one time he asked if his guest could park in my other parking spot. Two weeks later, he brought me a bottle of wine, which is what I call my thank you wine. He called and asked to bring it over but unfortunately I had the flu and had gone to bed early. He was on his way out of town and wouldn't be back for a week. Darn it!

The next week at work moved so slow I thought I'd die but he eventually came home and one day after work he saw me outside and ran inside to fetch my thank you wine. I invited him in to drink it. We ended up staying up until around 3 am, though he had to work the next day. We talked all night and he kissed me on the couch. That first kiss was electric white hot! He gave me no clue he wanted to kiss me, just leaned over and landed a big smooch on my lips. We kissed at the door when he left and I remember finally shutting that door behind him, closing my eyes and shaking, thinking...Oh God! This is the one!

I just knew it! Within six weeks we were engaged and making plans to move into a new place together. We got a cute little apartment right next to a pool and spent our first summer together as we adjusted to our whirlwind romance. My six year old daughter credits herself with introducing us since she would speak to him outside when he was working on his car and told him to my horror: "My mom thinks you're cute."

We planned to get married by the creek where he proposed in this beautiful park and were even interviewed by the Romance Section of the local newspaper. But it wasn't to be. That fall, I became pregnant with my second daughter and we decided to spend all our money on our new little bundle of joy. By the time our baby was born, we moved into a bigger apartment and life got in the way again. When she was 2, we bought our first house and soon I was pregnant again with our baby boy. Life went on and here we are 10 years later.

And what will we do to mark our 10 year anniversary this year which is really March 21, the night of our first kiss? I have to tell you, I can honestly say romance backwards is sexy hot and has kept our love alive and more exciting than ever. It has taken 10 long years but we're finally getting married! Pics soon to come!

I have to say I've had a lot of fun trying on wedding dresses and I finally found the perfect Alfred Angelo dress! Are you doing it all backwards? Quite fun isn't it? Pretty cool to marry your best friend and your lover of 10 years. Kinda like looking in a crystal ball and seeing what will happen cause it already has. We've always worked hard to keep our love alive, hot and sexy. We love to surprise one another and even this wedding was a spur of the moment thing we decided and planned on a whim. Can't wait to see what happens next! I'd love to hear what you're doing to keep your love alive! ~ Alisha Paige/Ruby Vines


Cathy McElhaney said...

We will be celebrating 30 years of marriage in July. You have really made me think on this, but I realized it's as simple as letting the little things go and keeping the lines of communication open! Everyone has an annoying habit or sometimes get on each others nerves. Those are the little things you have to let go. Past hurts, too. Forgive and forget (but remember the lesson!). Focus on the positive and always remember the falling in love part :)!

Alisha said...

Happy Anniversary a little early, Cathy! You are so right about letting the little things go and forgiving. And if you can remember the falling in love part, you stay in love! You and your husband have a beautiful relationship! What an amazing couple! xoxoxo