Sunday, March 24, 2013

#TracyLawrence Blew Me Away with his #Texas #Tornado! #Amreading #Kindle #Countrymusic

I recently released a contemporary western set in Texas that opens with a tornado. As I was pondering the title to that book, I remembered one of my favorite country songs from a few years ago. As soon as I remembered it, I knew I had to name my book MY LITTLE TEXAS TORNADO! What a perfect title for a book about a rancher who falls for a girl from Cali who he saves from a massive tornado her first day in town!

To top it off, I was lucky enough to see Mr. Tracy Lawrence when he last came to Texas on March 15, 2013 at The Silver Saloon!

I didn't even know he was playing until that afternoon when I saw a post on his Facebook page! I texted my amazing editor and friend at 8 pm after I cleared it all with my honey and had dinner and the kids taken care of for the evening. My editor said she could go so I picked her up around 10 and we sped off to the concert which was about half an hour's drive away. We were worried we'd miss part of it but we got there just in time, five minutes before he came on! We bought two cold beers and scrambled up to the stage and found an excellent spot in front! How lucky could we get?

What an amazing evening we had! Mr. Lawrence rocked the house, playing all his old hits and thrilling us with his new songs! I was lucky enough to shake his hand afterwards and then he came back on stage for an encore I'll never forget! I snagged the stage playlist at the end of the show and got an autographed Tracy Lawrence hat which I now wear!

He favorited my Tweets! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Thanks for an amazing evening, Mr. Lawrence! You and your amazing band still got it going on!!!

~ Ruby Vines

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