Wednesday, November 19, 2014

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Check out Amazon Bestselling Author, Wolfgang Pie's newest release! Available in ebook and Paperback!

Hunting for Fireflies is an Epic High Adventure Fantasy for Kids ages 8 to 12!

An accident sends Tyrian and his sister, Orionna, plummeting into rapid creek waters. Loolie, a fairy princess, risks a hundred-year life to rescue the girl. The boy witnesses Loolie's sacrifice and the two become friends. As time passes, his love for the fairy grows, but his sister doesn't know about the woodland fairies and laughs at her brother's fascination with mythical creatures. When Tyrian introduces Orionna to Loolie, something goes dreadfully wrong. To save the children's lives, Loolie turns the children into fairies. Can the children survive in a miniature world where danger lurks behind every blade of grass? Will their very own parents swat them like bugs?


Tusk is an Ice Age Adventure for Kids ages 8 to 12! Available in ebook, audio book and Paperback!

Two Ice Age kids are orphaned and left to survive alone in the wild after their parents are killed in a bear attack. Tusk and his sister, Flint, discover ancient cave paintings with a horrific warning and instructions on how to survive a deadly meteor headed their way. Tusk is a natural born leader and believes only he can warn others and lead the clans to the land bridge and the New World. Flint has secrets of her own and a plan with a woolly mammoth to unite the animal kingdom before their world is blown away.


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