Wednesday, June 3, 2015

She had a Heart Attack,Then Entered A Writing Contest In The Same Freaking Week!! #AmWriting #Romance #RockStar

Do you have a few people in your life who live for EVERYONE ELSE? You know who I'm talking about...the kind of people who never take time out for themselves. They are completely selfless and think of all others. They are the first person to volunteer to help out in any way...from baking cupcakes for a bake sale to babysitting, to pulling you out of a flood, clothing you and feeding you, all in the same day.

If you've ever been fortunate enough to know anyone like this, count your lucky stars because these people are few and far between! I'm one of the lucky ones because I met Cathy McElhaney! I met my sweet friend at Wal-Mart of all places! LOL! I had tossed a book in my basket and then we struck up a conversation about this author's particular books. We stayed in touch from then on! We have had so many great times and she is that girlfriend I can do anything with and tell EVERYTHING to and do...including crazy stalker internet people, bad book collaborations with crazy people, raising our kids, difficult relationships in our families, writing, reading, pilates, psychic fairs and good food!

We share it all and she is as GOOD AS GOLD! She is a wonderful editor to writers and the world's best grandma to her four grandchildren who she raises with her awesome husband, Don! I love the above pic of her because it was her being her cute, fun self, trying on hats when we went shopping!

Last Saturday I was devastated to hear the news that Cathy had a massive heart attack! I was in shock! This woman just had a clean bill of health given to her by her doctor! She eats well and exercises regularly! The great news is that she got to the hospital in time while the warning signs were going off. She had the heart attack in the hospital so doctors were able to save her life! She is doing great now and is already back home! Thank you, God!

Unbelievably, she even entered a writing contest this week! Talk about Super Woman!! So please, in honor of great friends in your life, go read her story and vote on it! Click HERE to read Cathy's Story.

I love you, Cathy! Thank you for being the world's best friend! ~Alisha


vicki batman said...

Hi, Alisha! Cathy is just the nicest person ever. I, too, was shocked she had a heart attack. And even more wowed when she went home so quickly. She has great fortitude. Thank you, Lord, for sparing our Cathy.

Alisha said...

Well said, Vicki! It wasn't her time and we are so lucky to have her here with us still! God is good!

Cathy McElhaney said...

Thank you ladies! You are both wonderful people too and I am sitting here trying to type through the tears! I love and appreciate you also!